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克羅埃西亞+斯洛維尼亞+蒙特內哥羅→Day2(下)─斯洛維尼亞首都:朱布亞那(4) → Looking back at a Croatia + Slovenia + Montenegro → Day2 (lower) ─ Slovenia Capital: Zhu Papua that (4) → 717/55074618

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After last night, down from Bled Castle, Lake Bled, although stay at Grand Hotel, but the travel agency did not give us any man "facing the lake house" treatment (you pay for it, Shaw wanted to live the words of rooms facing the lake , but the expensive fare much powder drops). So after getting up early in the morning, not from their own room overlooking the lake outside of what owners can only see public views to the outdoors.

↓ eat breakfast bar.

↓ After breakfast outside the main entrance to the collection, to the car to tour the Lake Bled. This Park has been 150 years of history.

(Blad jezero) 小鎮說起。 Start Braid (Blad jezero) town talking. It is nestled in the foothills of the Alps, from the capital, "Zhu Papua that" approximately one hour. 為中心所發展出來的渡假勝地。 jezero as "Lake" means, so this is dependent on Lake Bled town center developed by the resort. Town population of only about 8, 000 people, but the number of visitors per day sightseeing reached as many as 4, 000 people, all from the fans is Mu lake.

(BLED LAKE),亦稱藍湖 ,海拔 Lake Bled (BLED LAKE), also known as Blue Lake, elevation 475 yards , Width 1380 yards Long 2120 yards , The deepest 30.6 meters . Glacier melt water is Boxi Ni back the exchange and the formation of glacial relics Note lake Andean country is the largest glacier lake. 25公分厚度,即可變身為滑雪場;雖然面積並非很大,但繞著湖滑一圈也是30公里長的滑冰道了。 Summer can swim; winter ice thickness of 20 to 25 cm, can be transformed into a ski resort; Although the area is not large, but a lap around the lake is 30 km long slippery skating Dao.

Lake Bled, not only for Sri Lanka ranks highest ranked country, the most popular attractions ram, but also a glimpse of the "Europe's emerald", "Pearl of the Alps" A JEEWL IN THE ALPS, etc. reputation.

↑ ↓ remake clippings. The figure on the left is a small map Castle, the right is the lake island. Last year is to see this story amazed by just know Slovenia was so so beautiful country!


Any recommendations for Slovenian restaurants

2005-02-17 16:11:06 by justatraveler

That serve traditional as well as modern Slovenian cuisine? We are really hoping to get a sense of the day to day life, so a nice neighborhood suggestion, away from tourist areas, would be a welcomed bit of information too.

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