Koper and Izola. The gateway to the Slovenian Adriatic.

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This day we got up with the intention of determining the Slovenian Adriatic coast and later,back to Ljubljana, make a stop at Castle Predjama as we picked our way.What happens is that one thing is to prepare plans in his head,and quite another as things develop later.We had not had in mind the amount of time we devote to the beautiful towns on the Slovenian coast, especially Piran .The first thing we did was go down to the buffet to take forces with a sumptuous breakfast and then getting on the car,on a beautiful sunny day to head south,the Adriatic.Most of the way to Piran (about 130km) motorway did,to near Koper ,(about 100 miles) and on to Piran spent the coastal road that offered spectacular views of the coast,sometimes to same level and climbing up mountains and other viewpoints which left us absolutely speechless.But I will come in parts.

We Koper ,not without some fear,since early August and on a sunny day Sunday,expect to have to swallow some caravans on the road.But it did not.Despite the atmosphere in there was in the villages of the coastal zone (mainly in Piran) is circulated without any difficulty. Koper is mostly the gateway of goods by sea to the rest of Slovenia.And it shows that its main activity is the port,with large container ships in the process of downloading,and even gets the occasional cruise out of the year.But it also has a small tourist face with many restaurants at the foot of the care and small marina,where there are many more small fishing boats at the expense of large yachts. But despite having grown considerably in recent years,remains in fairly good condition,a small town with some valuable historical buildings.Strolling through the narrow streets and hidden we Tito Square, presided over by the Cathedral of San Nazario and Venetian bell tower,visible from almost anywhere in the city,with white color dominant interior ornamentation,and the powerful image of the Palace of the Praetor and the Armory to the bottom of it.Also interesting is the Loggia building opposite Tito's Square.These buildings are built in Venetian Gothic.And just that,the presence of Venetian and Italian style in many of their buildings,with the Italian and Slovenian language so commonly heard talk among its inhabitants,and made ​​us realize the Italian heritage of this part of Slovenia.The rest of the Old Town Square involving Tito consists of convoluted streets with two-storey buildings and typical venetian shutters,and large hanging flower gardens of some of the balconies.During the tour we saw small churches like St. Nicholas Church or the Church of the Holy Trinity, with hardly up to a few tens of faithful.It also has a number of Palazzos that easily go unnoticed because their appearance is very discreet.As an example the Palazzo Pizarello or Palazzo del Bello.Both are located near the Duomo.

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