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F48A7783 Written in July 2012: Lake Bled Diary

July 13, 2012, early in the morning we left Italy padova, to transfer to the Italian border in Venice, a city called trieste, once again enter Slovenia Car Rental.

Slovenia's predecessor is the way we have cognitive Yugoslavia, is an Eastern European countries. The country is small, sandwiched between Austria and Croatia, from the south to the north, only two hundred kilometers, from the east to the west do not have two hundred kilometers.DSC05213 This well-known attraction is Bled (Bled) Lake District, the capital Ljubljana (Ljubliana) and the Council on the seaside city of Piran.

Travel for me, often to satisfy my curiosity about the world, even a very popular country, as long as not been, I would be interested to go. Slovenia is in this case, I decided to look for.F48A7814 Turn the train in Venice when we were on the train car length asked several times, as if afraid that we take the wrong car, as seen in this country is more popular.

Train to the border of Italy and Slovenia trieste, we have to pick up truck, but if after twelve and a half, we have to wait until half past two in order to pick up the car, so we'll catch the train, taxi, be sure to twelve thirty ago Car arrived at. Finally got the car, they were told to buy buy toll, we bought seven days before the freeway pass drove to Slovenia.F48A7821

After entering Slovenia, the familiar blue and red roof house with coastal, like most of Croatia, the appearance of the house, are very new and simple. Italian elegance and sophistication, this has no longer see, but all the way to the blue and green gives us a different kind of open and serenity.

Car on the highway for nearly two hours later, we have come to our most northern Slovenia this time, but also where the most famous attractions in Lake Bled, first glance, Bled lake is very beautiful, but then look at the lake hotels stand pedestrians, such as weaving, and in my mind, a far cry from the ethereal ah! In fact, the car entered the lake began to traffic jam, I should of realized, this will not be my heart desired lakeside town of.

Okay, entering Lake Bled, a lakeside restaurant we first sat down. You can view from the restaurant near Lake Bled, the lake is a lot better than I imagined small. In any case, we first eat it! Look at the menu, Eastern European countries, Italy price. The same is the use of the euro, is more than ten dollars a pasta, a meat dish is more expensive than in Italy. We simply point noodles, rice and salad. Only to find that although the price is expensive than in Italy, but there is no cover charge, and no additional ten to fifteen percent of the surcharge, so it almost the same. Already three in the afternoon, although we are hungry, but did not finish, which is rare in Italy, but this really delicious with food was absolutely relations. Left Italy, and gourmet mean there is a distance, which we must be psychologically prepared. All eyes are very simple, nothing superfluous decoration and details, such as the plates of food.

Well, dinner is done, we should find a place to live tonight. In this comparison we place close to nature, like living area big apartment, in the Lake District around a bit and see a lot of beautiful environment of the B & B, we quickly stepped forward to ask, before we know accommodations were quite nervous, asked several have been fully booked, and we think it's Internet General hotel now! An Internet know, our iphone, ipad, pc not on all! My God! This experience is too Third World it! No network, unfamiliar land, how do we find a place to live ah? We think of the Lake District tourist center to ask, but we could not find how, Lakes traffic is very busy, SUVs from all over Europe, the United States called the RV, Australia called the car, seems to have come here to set up, and then I here there is a large camp, so many Europeans, a summer vacation with the children liked to camping, biking and hiking.

F48A7829 DSC05111 DSC05149 DSC05155

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