Traveller's Haven in Bled, Slovenia

Posted on February 4, 2014 – 03:05 pm
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Traveller's Haven is located in the center of Bled's residential district, located only yards from St Martin's Church at the foot of the spectacular cliff top Bled Castle. Our hostel is in a typical Bled house from the beginning of the 20 century in the old part of Bled. The hostel sleeps 27 people in five mixed dorms (4 bed room, three beds and 5 bed 6 bed dorm) and a double bed room. In Addition to the rooms we have a fully equipped kitchen and a living room with wireless internet access. There is a shop across the road from the property where a huge variety of fresh food, supplies and toiletries can be purchased.

* Kitchen and common room are opened from 8:00 a.m. till 10:30 pm
* Shoes are not allowed in the hostel-we offer you slippers
* No smoking in the hostel-you can smoke on the terrace or outside
* We offer free bikes and washing machines!!
* Cheap tumble dryer

The lake offers a wide variety of entertainment from the leisurely to the active, sunbathing, swimming, diving, rowing, fishing and so on.
The Straza piste is located just across the lake from the hostel and is open for day and night time skiing in the winter months and roller coaster rides in the summer.
Traveller's Haven is within walking distance of all the hotels, pubs and restaurants.
Locally Organized events are held THROUGHOUT the year - Bled Days and Nights in July, ethno Okarina festival in August, The Circle of Friendship at Christmas ...
There are many outdoor pursuit organizaciones for the adventurous visitors, as well as concerts and recitals For Those who prefer less strenuous entertainment. A popular pastime, due to the aesthetic nature of Bled, is to walk or cycle around the lake.

Bled is an Alpine resort of breathtaking beauty, like a picture post card of a Disney wonderland. The vibrant town surrounds a crystal clear, spa lake, fed by the pure, green, melt water from the Julian Alps. In the summer the rivers are cool and the lakeside, supervised pools, are warm for bathing. In the winter it is crisp, dry and cold. Some winters the lake freezes and Bled is engulfed in snow. The snow capped Julian Alps are the background to this fairytale scenery. Slovenes are Well Known for our love of the outdoors and this is the perfect starting off point for days of fun, surrounded by the outstanding scenery of Triglav National Park.

Bled and its surroundings, are steeped in history from Roman times, to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Front Line in WW1, to Tito and the socialist Yugoslavia until 1991 when it Gained independence and joined the European Union in 2004. The currency has changed from the Slovene Tolar to the Euro in 2007. It boasts 100% literacy and Ingl├ęs is spoken by almost everyone.


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I'd pick Croatia and venture to Slovenia also

2008-04-05 10:42:10 by OldBeth

Just beautiful - and less expensive than Greece.
You can do it on that budget - you'd have to go on the cheaps to do that in Greece (and, the travel to the nice islands is very time consuming).

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