EuroBike Tour 2010 in Italy, Slovenia and Austria

Posted on March 21, 2014 – 03:48 am

Eurobike Tour Part of the EuroBike Tour 2010 with three days of riding your bike through three countries: Italy, Slovenia and Austria. Are you ready?

The 2010 edition of ' EuroBike Tour will be held June 18 to 20 and pass through Italy, Slovenia and Austria throwing headlong to discover these three beautiful countries.

Spend three days cycling in pursuit of an amazing journey that will immerse you in the landscapes on the border between Austria, Italy and Slovenia.

Stages with mouth-watering taste the local cuisine and wine tasting that will flood the palate with a range of flavors and many unexplored pristine streets where you can discover wonderful places of Friuli Venezia Giulia .

Even if you are a first timer, do not worry: the organizers will ensure good assistance. You can bring your kids and enjoy this journey into nature like a little family trip to live in a slowness of time to be spent for calm.

An emergency phone, plus a luggage transfer service, and people will follow the party garentendo any solution to the achievement of the stage.

You just have to throw in the pleasant thrill of a cycling holiday with EuroBike Tour 2010 going to discover the many natural treasures and historical links between Italy, Slovenia and Austria.
Do not forget sunglasses and scarf.

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