Taste of Travel: discoveries and Celine Pascal

Posted on November 10, 2012 – 00:00

Taste of Travel: surf to discover our planetNovember 10


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est un blog qui présente les voyages et découvertes de Céline et Pascal à travers la planète et plus particulièrement en Slovénie,Croatie,Italie et Espagne. Legoutduvoyage.com is a blog that presents the travels and discoveries of Celine and Pascal across the globe and especially in Slovenia,Croatia,Italy and Spain.

On this blog you will find advice,tips and tricks for travel.All items are illustrated with photos taken by Pascal photographer Taste of Travel .

What can you find on The Taste of Travel?

To date,most of the information shared by Céline and Pascal for Slovenia and Istria.Istria is a part of the world that spans three countries: Italy,Slovenia and Croatia.IMG 2056 300x225 Le Goût du Voyage : surfez à la découverte de notre planète It lies at the edge of the Adriatic Sea.

If you are planning a holiday in Slovenia and Istria you will find all the information you need about The Taste of Travel.

The essential places to visit?

Slovenia is a small country offering many outdoor activities and sports.You can ski,walk in the fields or the woods,swim in the Adriatic Sea etc ...

This European countries smaller than Britain, has a large amount of natural landscapes.It is for this reason that some call Slovenia: "Little Europe".

If you go on holiday in Slovenia,here are some sites that are essential for Celine and Pascal:

  • A day rafting in the turquoise waters of the Soča.
  • Walk to Lake Bled.This lake is home to the only unique island of Slovenia.
  • Spend a day at the spa of Lasko and test the green slide.Imprécran LGDV 300x157 Le Goût du Voyage : surfez à la découverte de notre planète
  • You get half a day in the historic center of Ptuj.One of the oldest cities in the country.
  • Up to the castle of Ljubljana (the capital) and enjoy the panoramic view of the city.
  • And many other places ....

The Taste of Travel Blog

Istria lies mostly in Croatia,here are some ideas of places to visit:

  • The town of Muggia,Italy.
  • Izola in Slovenia.

And Croatia:

  • Rovinj,a jewel of the Adriatic.
  • Roman amphitheater in Pula.
  • The Brijuni islands,you can swim in crystal clear waters.
  • Etc ...

A gift for readers of the blog The Taste of Travel

For each entry in the newsletter,Celine and Pascal offer the phrasebook of Istria as a gift.This phrasebook provides the essential knowledge in English,Italian and Slovenian while traveling in Istria sentences.

For information,Istria are fully bilingual Slovenian / Italian or Croatian / Italian.In addition,they understand English.

Hoping to welcome you to The Taste of Travel.

A very soon.

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I know it's not WTF friday yet

2007-08-02 08:53:09 by NEpdxYo

But i just found this in the astronomy fo and couldn't resist sharing. last week, a fireball flew through the daylit skies of croatia, slovenia and italy. the news report (*the link*) is in croatian, but the video footage is really neat. they're still trying to figure out if and where it landed...
"Exploding Meteor in Croatia
SUPER-BOLIDE: On Wednesday, July 25th at approximately 10:...egory of superbolides--exploding meteors of magnitude -17 or brighter. They are, essentially, small asteroids measuring a few to 10 meters in diameter and massing a few hundred metric tons. Superbolides trigger seismic detectors on the ground, produce waves of infrasound that can travel thousands of miles, and they are tracked by military satellites scanning Earth for nuclear explosions. "

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Think Portugal, Spain and the Balearic Islands, Morocco, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, the Greek Islands and Tunisia.

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