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Posted on February 1, 2010 – 00:00

Centered in Central Europe and having influences from Italy,France,Croatia Hungary and Austria,The Republic of Slovenia delivers,this time,Ichisan!

Once a photographer and now a DJ and producer,Igor Skafar,started his partnership with music When I was 16 years old.I've played the guitar but Eventually fell in love with electronic music and the kind of sounds That can be delivered in a electronical enviroment.

"Global Pillage" and "Tips & Tricks" had a very positive response from important people: such as Aeroplane and Prins Thomas.Since then I had worked for labels: such as Pizzico Records,London's Airtight,Eskimo Recordings ...

As we Contacted Ichisan we found a great,humble and human humurous being.So get to know more about Slovenian Igor aka Skafar Ichisan:

Juan Sinmiedo Exclusive Interview: Igor Skafar: Ichisan

First thing coming to your mind When you listen the word Mexico ...

Sombrero and Tequila:)

Have you ever been in Mexico?

No,but it is on my travel wish-list ...

Why are you a musician?

Because i love music and I started to play guitar at the age of 16 ...

Three words best Describing you?

Music,Photography and having Fun:)

Any gadgets you're in love with?

Probably you would like to hear "i-phone" or something like,but NO!

If the instruments are gadgets then,YES!

Any music in your iPod for daily activities or for your car?

My iPod has 8GB of memory Which is too much to list all of it:)

What's the concept of music for you?

If the question is,what is my concept of making music? The answer would be:

Playing the instruments and record them until something interesting would come out ...

Is music relevant for humanity? Describes

Sure it is. If soldiers Would have instruments instead of guns what would war look / sound like?

"If soldiers Would have instruments instead of guns what would war look / sound like?"

Nowadays,Are Strongly music and internet related? Is this good for music? Why?

In some cases is good for the music in others it's not. Good Because almost world music is accessible to everyone who has a computer and internet connection. The bad thing Is that music is accessible for free (P2P) ...

How has the Internet changed the way you work?

It did not change the way i work it just made ​​things easier.

No,no! It's a joke ... Would be happy if i Could have enough money to collect vintage synths and guitars ...

Is there anything happening in the World That bothers you?

What is your worst addiction?

Who are your favorite heroes in real life?

Any colaborations as for now?

I have just finished an album with my friend Nakova (Ichisan & Nakova) Which will come out on Nang record in March This Year. Always open for some collaborations ...

Anywho you would like to work With?


I know it's not WTF friday yet

2007-08-02 08:53:09 by NEpdxYo

But i just found this in the astronomy fo and couldn't resist sharing. last week, a fireball flew through the daylit skies of croatia, slovenia and italy. the news report (*the link*) is in croatian, but the video footage is really neat. they're still trying to figure out if and where it landed...
"Exploding Meteor in Croatia
SUPER-BOLIDE: On Wednesday, July 25th at approximately 10:...egory of superbolides--exploding meteors of magnitude -17 or brighter. They are, essentially, small asteroids measuring a few to 10 meters in diameter and massing a few hundred metric tons. Superbolides trigger seismic detectors on the ground, produce waves of infrasound that can travel thousands of miles, and they are tracked by military satellites scanning Earth for nuclear explosions. "

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