Dividing Luggage: From the series travel impressions: Maribor, Slovenia

Posted on March 28, 2014 – 04:39 am
On the trip to Vienna in 2002 visited also Slovenia.There were 6 days car with a couple of friends and their little boy of 11 months.
do Império Bizantino,da República de Veneza,do Ducado da Carantania (o atual norte esloveno),do Sacro Império Romano-Germânico,da Monarquia de Habsburgo,do Império Austríaco,do Estado dos Eslovenos,Croatas e Sérvios,do Reino da Iugoslávia e da República Socialista Federativa da Iugoslávia de 1945 até finalmente conquistar sua independência em 1991." Slovenia,according to Wikipedia ,was part "of the Roman Empire,the Byzantine Empire,the Republic of Venice,the Duchy of Carantania (the current northern Slovenian),the Holy Roman Empire,the Habsburg Monarchy,the Austrian Empire ,the State of Slovenes,Croats and Serbs,the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1945 until finally achieved independence in 1991."In short,the country's history is complex.
The first city we stopped was Slovenian Maribor.It is the second largest city and the photos that I do not deserve the beauty of the place. We were recently in the city,just enough to take a look at the historical center.So we traveled to Ljubljana.
The picture that heads this post is a column built to mark the end of the plague that struck the city in the late seventeenth century. At the top of the column is the Virgin Mary,and at the base,we have six saints,intercessors against pests,surrounding it.

Enjoyed the buildings and street signs!

Photos by Lu Malheiros

Source: www.dividindoabagagem.com

I know it's not WTF friday yet

2007-08-02 08:53:09 by NEpdxYo

But i just found this in the astronomy fo and couldn't resist sharing. last week, a fireball flew through the daylit skies of croatia, slovenia and italy. the news report (*the link*) is in croatian, but the video footage is really neat. they're still trying to figure out if and where it landed...
"Exploding Meteor in Croatia
SUPER-BOLIDE: On Wednesday, July 25th at approximately 10:...egory of superbolides--exploding meteors of magnitude -17 or brighter. They are, essentially, small asteroids measuring a few to 10 meters in diameter and massing a few hundred metric tons. Superbolides trigger seismic detectors on the ground, produce waves of infrasound that can travel thousands of miles, and they are tracked by military satellites scanning Earth for nuclear explosions. "

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