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Posted on March 23, 2014 – 04:04 am

Mediterrane AtmosphäreBreakfast at the hostel is not quite as good as the one in Sofia,but is definitely second.This and the sunshine that woke me,the day began to talk to really good.After a hearty breakfast in good company I'm early in the old town Gegan ...

Das Frühstück im Hostel ist zwar nicht ganz so gut,wie das in Sofia,belegt aber definitiv Rang zwei. Mediterranean atmosphere in Slovenia Breakfast at the hostel is not quite as good as the one in Sofia,but is definitely second.This and the sunshine that woke me,the day began to talk to really good.After a hearty breakfast in good company,I went early to the old town and I have even a little bit Conversely seeing before at eleven began the final Free Walking Tour of my trip.Ljubljana's old town lies along the river ljubljanica and mostly designed by a single architect named Plečnik,who had 150 years ago,at a time when there Slovenia as a country did not exist,the vision of the future capital,Ljubljana.At that time the town was still very small (although they are not as effective today liche Großstadt bezeichnen kann) und relativ unbedeutend. Be called magnificent waterfront city in Slovenia tion) and relatively insignificant.Prachtbauten am Wasser But he also worked in wealthy cities such as Vienna and Prague,he could afford to work for free for his hometown.The architecture is a mix of Italian,Slavic and Austrian influences and thus has a special charm.Moreover Plečnik attached great importance to public places and markets that were planned as a meeting place for citizens and are popular even today.Along the river and in the side streets there are many small cafes and pubs that are here already by holidays,with people of all ages are filled.Overall,the entire old town has lots of charm and character and I like it,not least because of their low Größe,sehr gut. Shoes as a reminder Slovenia size,very good.It was interesting to the architecture in many taut ropes with it hanging down shoes.Our guide explained to us that they are thrown up by the Erasmus students who spend their semester abroad here before their departure there.Schuhe als Erinnerung After the tour and another stroll through the city,I'm just gone back to the hostel and then go to the station to book my last two moves.On the way it pulled over my head threatening to,but I quickly had to return before then and had no desire to pick up my jacket.When I came out of the station,it was still dry and I'm the little detour went to the river,which is nicer than the busy road.But once I was there,the first drops fell,and as I had just saved in a bank,it started to pour like cats and dogs.After some time I became impatient,the rain was very slow and I did not want to stand around all day in a bank.So I am,as the rain from inside looked fairly harmless,started walking.By the time I arrived at the hostel I was then still soaking wet and I was not the only one.When trying to thaw us again,we have used up all three of hot water,and then it made us comfortable with several cups of tea and our laptops and lazed around the rest of the afternoon.Then I have just packed my backpack for the last time and made me ready for my last night in the hostel.For my last day tomorrow I have to climb to the castle of Ljubljana planned in which it is to be a great photo exhibition,and then a relaxing afternoon in a huge park evening it is just for the last time bye say and go with my giant backpack to the station,where I get on my last night train and then hopefully can avoid in Munich,one last time to miss my connection.

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European adventure

2004-04-13 11:55:21 by DCPhoto

If you have a Eurorail pass, you should just buy your ticket in and out of whatever city is going to get you the cheapest rate. London can actually be good just because there are always cheap fares to London and you can get super cheap flights to and from most cities in Europe on Easyjet, Ryanair or BMI (literally 10 to 40 pounds). I definitely agree with one of the above posters about not tryin...lovenia. It's a beautiful city with friendly people and a cafe lined river that runs through the city with a hilltop castle that overlooks it all. And it's easy to get to from Northern Italy, Austria and Budapest.
I'd be happy to help you with any other questions you may have as I did this same thing myself for months many years ago and it was the most life changing experience in my life!

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