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Posted on May 16, 2014 – 12:30 pm


We are in the middle of August and probably many of you are enjoying the holidays. In any case, whether that will be for later, or for those who want to go modifying site your everyday life, then we have made ​​some discoveries in other travel blogs. We will be traveling for a while:

  • One way to travel also involves reading travel books. And even in writing: to capture on paper our trip, somehow I revisit. And every time we take a look back, wham, we will otherwise go to that place. If you want to write a travel book, take a look at this series of tips, fears and insecurities Villalba Aniko blog Traveling around .
  • Do you know what is the path of the Black Architecture? If the answer is no, we recommend checking out the blog Where let me take you, in which I explained in detail .
  • For those who want to relax and get away a little of everything, nothing like an island. As this island called Island of Bled Slovenia, an original island that is distinguished by being located within a lake, we discovered the hand of etiquette .

If you want to join our trip, do not forget you can send us our contact form articles of your blog or other you've read and I have found interesting.

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