A day in Croatia (Zagreb)

Posted on April 20, 2014 – 09:22 am

A day in Croatia (Zagreb)

One of the advantages of living in Slovenia is that, in a few hours and miles, you can do a jump in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovakia and so on. I had already announced a trip to Zagreb, and an attempt to couch-surfing, but as always there was a change of plans at the last minute. I was on skype talking with Mary and suddenly I see a warning message posted on the page erasmus: someone who was looking for fellow travelers to share the cost of gasoline just to Zagreb, return the same day!

Faster than Speedy Gonzalez I immediately said yes, asking for 3 minutes to be able to see also Eve.
I gave up on skype Maria, in two seconds I was knocking on the door of Eve, who in 3 seconds has accepted the proposal to go by car instead of taking the train, and to stay only one day instead of two.
When I returned to the computer several other people were asking if he could join the trip, but the German who had published the ad, very correct, has given priority to me and Eve, because I had written first!

It must be said then that I this guy and his friend did not know them at all, but these are the advantages of facebook, it's all just a click away! Just learn to take advantage!

And so we agreed to see each other at 8 the next morning (yesterday), and I after a nice chiacchieratona with Mary, I took a quick look at photos of the type (Kuj), more than anything else to recognize it and I I went to bed happy and contented!

The next morning we went down to 8 with Eva, providing a superpuntualità of tedesconi.
But no. They arrived late against any stereotype.
And while we waited we approached a guy who, with another ten barbutoni was eating breakfast, based on beer, coffee and spinels in the bar below our house, to invite us to join them.
Maybe another time!
(This bar has always intrigued me, because it seems to me that it is always open when I leave the house at dawn of the dead, there are always people at 6 already is draining the first beer, but nothing screams, noises etc.. , here are well educated drunkards!).

In any case, the Germans finally arrived and we left in the direction of Croatia.
Che non è altro che un bollino autostradale necessario per percorrere le strade che prevedono il pagamento del pedaggio. And according antistereotipo: kilometers after just realized that you forgot to buy the elusive STICKER! Which is nothing more than a vignette needed to find the paths that provide for the payment of the toll. But before buying it touches.

So beware if you are traveling in Slovenia, that if you do not buy 'this stuff fines ranging from 300 to 800 euro.

But we had not, there were no gas stations around where to buy it, and then we decided to take the back streets to get to Zagreb, the same distance, an hour more of travel, landscape and far more pleasant !

I'm was very happy because I took the opportunity to make a lot of photos, Eve and the German number 2 a little 'less, because the road was curvy and came carsick! (I, who usually suffer from it, I became immune to the curves after taking three times the 39G bus that takes me back to school in Ljubljana, making the rounds of all the mountain villages close, up and down switchbacks and valleys ).

Source: comeniusinslovenia.blogspot.com

If Adolf Hitler...

2002-01-04 09:19:51 by justyouraveragecitizen

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From Grievious Happenings
by Pablo Neruda, translated by Victoria Ortiz
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