Watch his head! The train: SLOVENIA

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Travelogue SLOVENIA
Watch his head!The train

Watch his head!The train

Location: Postojna

Travel Start Date: Wednesday,July 24,1985
End date: Wednesday,July 24,1985

The signatures of visitors attest that the caves were already known in the thirteenth century.
The first map of the sections discoveries until then was published by the Viennese mathematician JN Nagel in 1748.
The Postojna Cave was one of the first tourist caves that have introduced an admission fee (1824) and the service of tour guides (1825).
A visitors' book was established in 1819.
The first underground inhabitant,the beetle named "drobnovratnik" or collominuto (Leptodirus hochenwartii),was discovered in Postojna Cave in 1831.
The first guide of the cave was published in 1821,the first guide in Slovenian in 1863.
The tradition of underground events dating back to 1825,the year of the first dance of the Whit Monday.
The torches and candles have been replaced by the lighting power in 1884.
The first transport of visitors with carts driven on the track by the guides dating back to 1872.The train pulled by a locomotive with a petrol engine began to travel in 1914.
Until now,the caves were visited by more than 30 million visitors.

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