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Posted on April 10, 2014 – 06:46 am
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trip ... for slovenia

because ... dicidi travel to Slovenia with some pp, that was easy. but getting there ... what an adventure
first wanted to rent a car to get there, but it was impossible - does not belong to the European Union and therefore not covered by this insurance. ok, bureaucratic red tape and more ... we train and soon ve ... no plans and no place to stay, we were drifting or better on a train rattling bue slow venezia p. yes to venice - because before I had to go see the architecture biennale, grd this event ... (mercoledi mattina-fourth morning). so one day in Venice's not for nothing ... course. but it once again infiltrated me a Spanish party that pedro and Portugas of faup went (yes pq slept that day in the house of Pedro lourenço, this nice guy gave me q stay up Obrigadão you read this).
fifth in the morning, once again thanks to help from pedro, do not miss the train trieste p ... ok I got the time trieste previst mattina-10-and the rest of her people was already waiting for us ... yes they had traveled by night fireze p trieste ... bastards. well we were excited we were going on the train pa eslovenia eleven (more or less) but the Italian border the train to see pa police IDs ... and smooth (q Portugas one was me) had forgotten passport - and moreover has American nationality ... Poverina. had to leave the train and back p behind - we went with her back to Trieste p try to send her passport was in florence p q ca ... But we could not find a viable solution ... not to lose more days of travel. Lisa was p home and after a day at the station Trieste, were 22.30 to lubiana (capital of esloveia) - at least gave p sleeping on the train, and even sleeps very well with those of p q banks turn into beds, the there were five us awake by a Slovenian saying lubiana next stop (ok not quite know the Q already said it - but realized q had to leave at the next stop, and means sleepy, calçamo us and carry the trahas p off the train ...)
ok got the third morning the lubiana with etação closed, even just sleeping in the open ... ze and ana were looking for a hotel q had seen on the net ... p ai last half hour arrived with the news q tava hotel full, but there was another chance q ... rent a car (sixt). the shovel, looks rented a car and q was the best thing he could have crossed the mind of ana. that night we left the station around 5 mattina and slept in the car at a service station in another Slovenian town.
the middle of the morning I woke up every match ... that sore neck and legs ... everything. went the way of the natural park map in hand, to easily find the way up to a town called Bled ...! that bella città! lunch for her, but rather arranged place to sleep - a house rented rooms q. that day yet seen this town and even went pa night Slovene. Ze took us to a very cool place - which he said was the place where I used to go (of course thong) ... but I was going to believer q would be able to drink cheap in slovenia and well - vodkaaaa. but that the drinks were a grd shit, very weak and also a bit expensive ... I desapuntada it. back home 2 +3 Slovenian slept in those rooms.
Saturday morning - woke personnel, yeah cuz if it was not the people I went to sleep and not enjoyed the wonderful sunny day q tava ... we know the other side of the natural park and later went north south central po p eslovenia see the caves ... are really fucking fantastic. drive the car already was something missed in florence q ... but one point out of slovenia without even noticing ... it passed the border without stopping ... there was no such thing nothing to warn you. but the police laughed until ... ok was funny then.
lubiana back to that day the night, we had to deliver the car. again no place t get to sleep, we decided to return italia p. and fine back in the day 2:30 and slept once more in the train journey (money saved). the trip was up to trieste ... Trieste again, I hate that the city dp spending it so long ... pa no one wanted to spend time in mt tb sad but not wanted back home already. were p padova (another Italian city neighbor venezia). I had lunch a good pasta bolognese and strolled through the city in the afternoon with the junk on his back ... even had to be ... until saving bags is a hell of chulanço. Italian mafia ...
the end of the afternoon ... All rotos, back florence p ... house.
that trip ... mt worth the penalty!


I know it's not WTF friday yet

2007-08-02 08:53:09 by NEpdxYo

But i just found this in the astronomy fo and couldn't resist sharing. last week, a fireball flew through the daylit skies of croatia, slovenia and italy. the news report (*the link*) is in croatian, but the video footage is really neat. they're still trying to figure out if and where it landed...
"Exploding Meteor in Croatia
SUPER-BOLIDE: On Wednesday, July 25th at approximately 10:...egory of superbolides--exploding meteors of magnitude -17 or brighter. They are, essentially, small asteroids measuring a few to 10 meters in diameter and massing a few hundred metric tons. Superbolides trigger seismic detectors on the ground, produce waves of infrasound that can travel thousands of miles, and they are tracked by military satellites scanning Earth for nuclear explosions. "

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