Adriatic by bike: a different trip for Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia

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It all started with a chance encounter with Carla and Leo. Conversation going, come and talk Léo said a friend had (or thought about doing) a tour of Europe in a bike tour. Ready. The hubby, who is crazy about bike, he saw there a chance for me to enjoy the joke.

The company is listed in Slovenia - Adriatic Moto Tours - and makes several trips, all out of the capital Ljubljana.Ljubljana - cidade antiga We chose a tour of 8 days in Croatia, leaving the interior, through the park Plitvice, giving a quick stride Bosnia and wonderful coming down the coast of Croatia. Take the opportunity to visit first Zagreb, capital of Croatia, as it was not included in the tour and in the end we stayed a few days in Ljubljana to visit the city and also to learn a little more of the country.

It is worth mentioning that this region is one of the most economical of Europe, therefore much sought after by tourists. Our tour was cheap and well structured.Ljubljana - centro The bikes were new and in great condition, there was a van that followed us most of the time, whose driver was a mechanic and took our bags, and the guide was very nice and knew the area well. On the other hand, the food is not a high point.

Just to remind, the former Yugoslavia was divided into six countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Slovenia, the most European of all, looks like an extension of Austria.Eslovênia - Vintgrar Gorge Croatia already has many natural sights and a huge and beautiful coastline. Bosnia has unfortunately marks of war on all sides, a piece of the coast (about 20 km) and all cards have two alphabets. English is compulsory in school at least in Slovenia and Croatia. The only part of the European Union is Slovenia.


Zagreb is an interesting city. It has an old part on top, which are government buildings, some museums and a church with a beautiful tiled roof shingles. We did a city tour by bike with Zagreb by bike a couple whose owners are very friendly Croatian.

The Park Plitvice is interesting, because they are numerous waterfalls that are formed lakes, as already commented here on the VNV . The water is beautiful and has an amazing color defrost. We stayed in a hotel within the park and had huge rooms.

Eslovênia - Vintgrar Gorge


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