Slovenia Travel Guide by In Your Pocket: Ljubljana, Portoroz, Bled, Maribor

Posted on May 15, 2014 – 12:30 pm

The sunny side of the Alps! Lake Bled Pletna seen through its traditional boat, photo by Bas Lammers

Do not let its diminutive size fool you. Slovenia's location at one of the Europe's true geographical, cultural and historical crossroads has blessed the country with a wealth of sights and attractions - all of Which are Easily accessible from the vibrant capital city Ljubljana .

If your travels bring you anywhere else in our pint-sized but geographically and culturally diverse country, In Your Pocket has the whole of Slovenia covered, from fairytale Bled in the north to second city Maribor in the east to picturesque Piran and the rest of country's Mediterranean coast in the west. We are Also extremely proud to introduce our newest Slovenian In Your Pocket guide: Posavje - a region in the country's southeast corner That May not be on the radar of many tourists, but is Packed with sights and activities, and makes for a great day- trip or weekend away from the Capital
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Former Yugoslavia

2008-07-07 11:10:28 by ingecv

I'm leaving Thursday for Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Montenegro for one month. I have reservations in Austria for one week. After that I was just planning to travel without reservations. I have guide books. It's always nice to get advice/information from people who have been there.

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