[Photo] Pengying Xin Aberdeen: 30 years before a long holiday

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2009021401 Though there have been a lot to teach people self-improvement selling book,readers are encouraged to break the current mode of life,guide us in what age before been done where and what. I often suspect these books are popular,in addition to the ability to tell a story of strength,more important reason is that most people are unable to give up both the result of life,only read those "self" (self-help ) book chat for comfort.

Pengying Xin at the age of 30 went up more than 30 countries,a woman spent a lot of travel and live half the year in South America,we are constantly trying to ask in an interview she said something interesting sounds traveler story,I think if she put it sounds,she You can also publish a self-help book.

But Pengying Xin said that the story is not particularly attractive.I asked her the most special experiences in South America,she could not say a much deliberation.I can only ask with the kind of cliche: "America is not very dangerous? You do not drive,right? Difficulties do not play with a girl?" Sanna (Peng Western name) Answer: "No danger,I am nothing followed by "Lonely Planet" guide that kind of play,South America,bus and metro is very convenient,easy to play not dangerous.2009021402"

"The most dangerous is it in Brazil,I took this picture was dark,I was in this square was a bum grab my camera and I was immediately shouted after him." Afraid of their own Zhuizei in any danger?"At that time understand scared,in fact,there are dangerous because a lot of people in Brazil have guns,civilians with guns is legal,but because the thief grab my camera is barefoot,I think he should have no guns it. Fortunately,do not go far,there is a street shopkeeper went out and raised his gun to stop the thief,to keep the camera and photographs. "

Pengying Xin girls' schools have read,read on to university translation,a group of 30 people only two or three boys."Girls are considered the matter,so little boys and little sissy." He Rongzong consider themselves to study anthropology,said: "Hong Kong is the new generation of the boys had a lot of belt sissy,read the translation situation worse it should be . "is supposed to be reading countless more photographers Brother Jack,said he has long been considered one of the girls Sanna is read:" But see that! Reading Girls' School,there are two styles,one is more gentle,one is more tough . "Sanna I asked her what kind of case,she smiled and said:" it should also be relatively tough. "asked to go before we know,she was in high school gymnastics with the Hong Kong team,ready to run,but was injured before the suffering,it is quit.

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The Seasoned Traveler Slovenia
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Former Yugoslavia

2008-07-07 11:10:28 by ingecv

I'm leaving Thursday for Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Montenegro for one month. I have reservations in Austria for one week. After that I was just planning to travel without reservations. I have guide books. It's always nice to get advice/information from people who have been there.

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