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Posted on March 30, 2009 – 00:00

Monday, March 30, 2009

A few days ago my husband called me from Belgrade airport (he had just checked-in) and I said: guess' who's on my flight Belgrade-Zurich? Throw a little 'guess. I even thought about Carla del Ponte (the answer: молим те, да ми пропастиш дан) and instead I find that traveling with the crew of "Kursadzije."
But yes, they are nice, I thought, let's talk about Balkan-Crew! (Lina then did not realize it involved actors / attrici...e was already talking about loving my husband ... hihihi!!)

So the "Kursadzije" (enrolled in the course) are a group of adults who attend night school. Each comes from an old republic of Yugoslavia. Here is the list of participants (pictured from left-side to right):

* Djuro Palica, policeman Montenegro (Palica = Baseball Bat)
* Drško Janez, Slovenian gay who likes to tell jokes
* Ubavka Seksovski (every now and then there is also the husband Dimce) who live in Prdejce (Country of farts) in Macedonia
* Gedža (Milojko) Serbian always dressed in national costume
* Fiko Karakurtović, loves Cevapi and comes from Bosnia
* Hrvoje, intellectual Croatia
* Ajdemi Popuši, father of 14 children Kosovar Albanian

And they each lesson make it a scetch type "Commedy." You have quickly realized already by the names which is not a comedy "politically correct." The main characters continue to look around the various ethnic groups and play pulling the ball clichés. For example, the Slovenian gay is to show that the Slovenes are the most westernized and the most libertine of the former republics. Or the Serbian mama's boy, every so often brings with it also the mother. That is one of Montenegro stangone (it is said that Montenegrins are very high) and Bosnian think only of eating and wearing a shirt that says "100% bosanac" (100% Bosnian).

Here are some joke (with translation .. so that is also used for lesson in Serbian-Croatian)
They behave as true all six stupidoni!

The Serbian to Croatian:
"Hrvoje, jos samo tebe rogovi fale from Budes pravi Magarac"
(Hrvoje, you are only the horns to be a real ass)
Response Croatian: "Ali, Magarac Rogove nema" (But the donkey does not have horns)
The Serbian: "And you wave pa shareholder it fali" (Ah see, then do not miss anything)

The Slovenian asks his companions:
"Koj je najsigurni znak proleca Slovenian u?" (What is the surest sign that spring has arrived in Slovenia?)
The class responds almost in unison: "Visibabe!" (Snowdrops)
The Slovenian: "Ne, Bosanci na mesalici." (No, the Bosnians to the mixing of mortar on construction sites)


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