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Hotel Cubo, Ljubljana, Slovenia : Condé Nast Traveler


The Hotel Triglav Bled Island has views onto, a fine restaurant, and a wine-tasting room (4-575-2610; doubles from $ 200). Pension Mayer is a chalet that's a hub for hikers who convene after forays into Triglav National Park ( 4-576-5740; doubles from $ 78). Restavracija 1906 , in the Triglav, is a favorite: From the beef tartare with roasted goose liver terrine to the king crab, the cuisine is an inventive approach to Slovenian tradition. The culinary school on the premises is an added draw (4-575 - 2610, entrées from $ 22). At the famous Vila Bled -located in Tito's onetime vacation house on the lake-chef Igor Jagodic's French-influenced creations could grace a museum (4-575 - 3710, entrées from $ 25).


For an ecotourism experience in Slovenia's wine country, stay at Belica in Medana , surrounded by steeple-topped villages (5-304-2104; doubles from $ 88, entrées from $ 12). A rural experience is to be had in ŠMARTNO. With its idyllic pedestrian center and 360-degree views, the village is an unrivaled introduction to the region-and has a wonderful little hotel, Hisa Marica (5-304-1039; doubles from $ 100; entrées from $ 10).


The Antiq Hotel is near the castle and the river, and its prettiest rooms overlook a garden courtyard (1-421-3560; doubles from $ 188). The newer Antiq Palace Hotel and Spa has 13 suites, spacious stone staircases, tapestries, cozy crannies, and spa services (838-96700; doubles from $ 327). For a bistro meal near the castle, Spajza serves appetizers like carpaccio with truffle gnocchi and sun chilies (Gornji trg 28; 1-425-3094; entrées from $ 22). Sokol is a family-dining establishment serving traditional meat dishes. Do not be deterred by translations: "Buckwheat mess" is in fact a mouthwatering side dish (Ciril-Metodov trg 18; 1-439-6855; entrées from $ 17).

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There are better beaches in the adjacent town of Portoroz, but the prize goes to the alley for atmosphere-filled, red-roofed, pastel-painted town of Piran peninsula. The Hotel Tartini is bright and friendly, and its modern rooms overlook old and moody alleys, sparkling sea, and white-marbled Tartini Square (5-671-1000; doubles from $ 138). Gostilna Ivo serves seafood-sailors occasionally bring in Their catch to have it prepared by the chef. The truffle, pasta, and meat dishes are also very good (Gregorciceva 31; 5-673-2233; entrées from $ 10). Klet Cantina, on 1st of May Square, serves only wine and cured ham, sheep cheese, and sardines, and its wooden tables are set in a corner of Piran's most atmospheric square (5-673-3275; ham and cheese plate from $ 11).


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European adventure

2004-04-13 11:55:21 by DCPhoto

If you have a Eurorail pass, you should just buy your ticket in and out of whatever city is going to get you the cheapest rate. London can actually be good just because there are always cheap fares to London and you can get super cheap flights to and from most cities in Europe on Easyjet, Ryanair or BMI (literally 10 to 40 pounds). I definitely agree with one of the above posters about not tryin...lovenia. It's a beautiful city with friendly people and a cafe lined river that runs through the city with a hilltop castle that overlooks it all. And it's easy to get to from Northern Italy, Austria and Budapest.
I'd be happy to help you with any other questions you may have as I did this same thing myself for months many years ago and it was the most life changing experience in my life!

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