Where to Go During Week 10?

Posted on August 6, 2013 – 22:50

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Thanks to your insightful comments, I've been to that wonderful hole-in-the-wall restaurant, that untouched hill town, that pensione run by the elderly artist couple. Plus, I've been able to stay under my budget of 100 euros a day.

So now I'm hoping for more. Besides your invaluable tips on low-cost hotels, cheap eats and free attractions, I'm letting you, the readers, pick where I'll go in Week 10 of my 12-week Grand Tour . A Baltic beach town in Poland? A vineyard in Slovenia? Anything is possible. Well, almost.

It's not just the destination you'll pick-I want you to map out my entire week: How will I get there? What will I do? Where will I sleep? Where will I eat?

Before you post your suggestions below, there are several things to keep in mind:

Think locally. What can I reach within a day? I'll be in Lithuania in Week 9 and heading west (so I can fly home from England), so that means out-of-the-way places like Sarajevo or Madrid are , sadly, out of reach. But anything on the Baltic Sea is fair game, as are Central and Northern Europe.

• Think frugally. Explain why a budget traveler should visit. Does it offer the delights of a more expensive destination, but at a better price? Is it culturally rich, but with hidden pockets of affordability? Or is it simply awesome and cheap?

Think thematically. How does this FIT into the Grand Tour ? Is it a stop on the Original route - the Kind of place that Young, Rich Englishman would have visited? Or does it offer a modern Twist on the Classic European journey, Offering a new cultural lesson to absorb.

So post your suggestions below, in as much detail as you can offer. On June 30, I'll select three finalists, and then you will have two weeks to vote online for a winner. On July 14th, I'll wake up, look at the results and take off for wherever you've sent me.

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European adventure

2004-04-13 11:55:21 by DCPhoto

If you have a Eurorail pass, you should just buy your ticket in and out of whatever city is going to get you the cheapest rate. London can actually be good just because there are always cheap fares to London and you can get super cheap flights to and from most cities in Europe on Easyjet, Ryanair or BMI (literally 10 to 40 pounds). I definitely agree with one of the above posters about not tryin...lovenia. It's a beautiful city with friendly people and a cafe lined river that runs through the city with a hilltop castle that overlooks it all. And it's easy to get to from Northern Italy, Austria and Budapest.
I'd be happy to help you with any other questions you may have as I did this same thing myself for months many years ago and it was the most life changing experience in my life!

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