EinSTeiN's Blog: Adriatic Wonderland - Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro one hundred selected (Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro Ultimate Collections 120)

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Adriatic Wonderland - Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro one hundred selected (Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro Ultimate Collections 120)

- 斯洛維尼亞、克羅埃西亞、黑山共和國共十六篇的圖文BLOG。 Less than two weeks to travel a short time, but it took more than three months, and finally completed the tour in May went, Adriatic Wonderland - Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro of sixteen graphic BLOG. Although some people asked, why so hard to write this?IMG_8106 I would say: Write BLOG not to overshoot popularity (in fact nothing at all popular), write BLOG for me the most important thing is nothing more than to give himself a based on nostalgia and memories, but also one of the best interpretations, everyone has old one day, perhaps after reading these memories, but also to make their own young again, like the original hyperbole when it is full of travel around the world (mystery Voice: I think it is simply playing himself ).IMG_8097 這三個國家所做的一篇精選集,從過去這十六篇共842張照片的BLOG裡挑出一百二十張,挑選重點是以1.建築: 獨特建築物;2.地貌:特殊地形地貌; 3.地標:好山好水的美景; 4.人文: 當地的風俗民情與熱情的南斯拉夫民族 ,而選出這一百餘張的精選,也藉此能讓大家對這三個國呀有所了解。 Basically, this one is for the generation of Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro made ​​a three country hits, from the past sixteen of 842 photographs pick out one hundred BLOG twenty, the selection is a key Architectural: Unique Buildings; 2. landforms: special topography; 3 landmark: Haoshanhaoshui beauty; 4.IMG_8320 Humanities: local customs and passion Yugoslav nation, while The selection of hundreds of sheets elect, but also to make everyone understand it these three countries. Of course, if interested, you can enter each one of BLOG see a more detailed description. 、 斯洛維尼亞及黑山在歷史上正值東、西羅馬帝國的交界上,千年的分庭抗禮造成文字與生活習慣的迥異,及至伊斯蘭教興起、 鄂圖曼土耳其的統治,更增其文化的複雜性,也讓此區人文采風、建築藝術的多樣性遠遠超過其他歐洲地區。 Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro in history coincided East, on the junction of the Western Roman Empire, causing thousands of rival text and living habits are different, until the rise of Islam, Ottoman Turkish rule, but also by the complexity of their culture, but also to this area cultural folk songs, the diversity of architectural art far more than other European regions. 、 亞德里亞海曲折的海岸線、豐富多變的喀斯特地形 。 In the natural landscape, there are alpine and canyons, the Adriatic Sea coastline, rich and varied karst terrain.

、 克羅埃西亞與黑山共和國 ,皆位於巴爾幹半島上。 Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, are located in the Balkans. 地處歐洲東南,是亞、歐、非三洲的交匯處,東臨黑海 、 土耳其海峽 ,南面地中海 、 蘇伊士運河 。 Located in southeast Europe, the Balkans, is Asia, Europe, Africa and the intersection of three continents, east of the Black Sea, the Turkish Straits, south of the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal. 與黑海的門戶和通往印度洋的航路,戰略地位十分重要,且半島還蘊含著豐富的自然資源。 Hence, the control of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and the gateway to the Indian Ocean route leading to the strategic position is very important, and the peninsula also contains a wealth of natural resources. 」。 But in the Balkans has always been there are many contradictions and conflicts, both religious conflicts, territorial disputes, coupled with the interference of foreign powers in the region resulted in conflicts, wars frequently, so here has been called the "powder keg of Europe."塞拉耶佛被一位塞爾維亞人刺殺,所引發的。 World War I, the Austro-Hungarian Empire is because the Crown Prince in Sarajevo by a Serbian assassination triggered.

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Slovenia & Northern Croatia - travel suggestions

2006-09-13 12:56:15 by sfnomad

I'm leaving a 3.5 week trip to Croatia & Slovenia, starting late Sept (in about 2 weeks). Right now my only defined destination is Varazdin and Zagreb. (Did the Dalmatia coast last fall) Some questions to the Croatia & Slovenia travel experts and experienced travelers;
- any special consideration for single woman traveler? I thought the Dalmatian Coast was the safest places in the world I have ever been to so far, so I hope it's true for the rest of the the Croatia & Slovenia as well.
- any other travel advice?
Thanks in advance.

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