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Posted on December 23, 2013 – 11:24 pm

To see picturesque waterfalls it is not Necessary to go to the center of the Alps. Only 8 km away from Kranj is the sum waterfall, tumbling waters Whose Can Be Heard from far away. Indulge in the impressions of nature's powerful energy and visit the Nemiljščica throat. The stream Nemiljščica Has Its river basin east of Jelovica. After about 10 km at Zgornja Besnica the stream flows over the red-gray limestone strata of the sum Approximately 25 meter high waterfall, abundant water for All which is characteristic. The waterfall with pools and waterfalls as well as the dams originated Because of the many different kinds of resistant aggregates, on one side very hard limestone and on the other side with intermediary layers of limestone marl, clay and tuff deposits. The tectonic forces, Increased the variable resistance of the aggregates and made it possible, for water force to form so many different shapes in Such a short way. The Sum Waterfall on stream was Nemiljščica Already a popular tourist destination at the Beginning of the 20th century. Even Were printed postcards with pictures of the waterfall. Nowadays it Appears That The waterfall is hidden and forgotten in the Nemiljščica throat. Aim the local people are proud of this magnificent waterfall. A path from Nova vas is Suitably marked, and there are nice wooden steps leading to the bottom of the year. It is not easy to define the height of the waterfall Sum, as it belongs to "sliding waterfalls and the gorge to the foot of the waterfall. Such As the waterfall can be accessed in any season of "group, and beside That It is found in a wild Rather throat. Its approximate height is 25 meters .. ACCESS: From the center of Kranj to the sum waterfall is just 8 km away. To reach the waterfall, follow the local road from Kranj: towards Besnica Sp. In the village of Nova vas there is a signpost and a turning: towards the waterfall. From here it is only a 15-minute walk to the bottom of the gorge.

GPS Northing (N): 46.2707
GPS Easting (E): 14.2663


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