Visit the Skocjan caves in Slovenia

Posted on January 5, 2014 – 05:25 am

RSSAfter visiting the Vintgar gorge ,we continue the series of natural scenery breathtaking.In Slovenia there are hundreds of caves,even thousands.Not all are open to the public.At first I thought to visit the caves of Postojna.But after reading one called "the Disneyland of the caves, " I've changed my mind.Having been to Disneyland in the past,I did not want to relive it.That's how I atterit to Skocjan.

How to get to the caves of Skocjan Ljubljana

There are various options from Ljubljana: train,bus,car ... bike if you're brave but know that public transport will take you to Divaca (a village near the caves).I opted for the bus simply: are regular departures,you can see the landscape and it is not expensive at all. In return I finally took the train to avoid Divaca 1:30 am waiting.In the end it was the same price but note that even when the train journey is much longer because the train stops at all stations.It makes a big difference in the end.From memory,the fare within 7 euros,so 14 euros if you count back to Ljubljana.

At the end of the caves

Once at the bus station Skocjan,you have a free shuttle that takes you to the caves or you can walk.The shuttle is not very regular (not very big) if there are many people to expect and if there are more than 30 minutes of waiting,I would advise you to simply walk.It'll save time.

Another tip,try to leave early in the morning visiting the caves are every hour and the last tour is around 16h. In my case,I left really early and I wonder if I could not have squeeze in a visit to Postojna caves after those Skocjan,they are in the same area.If you rent a car during your stay in my opinion you can visit both during the day because you do not have to wait for buses and other shuttles.

Cascade output caves

After a few minutes away,so we find ourselves at the entrance of the caves.Guided tours are all but they offer different "formulas",one of them in particular leaves a lot of flexibility to those who would want to explore the area alone.Look at the end of the article for practical details.

The descent into the caves

First think of anything good to take cover,in fact maybe it's over 30 degrees outside but inside it does not exceed 12 ° you.Second,take good shoes because it is sometimes slippery inside and especially the shortest tour lasts nearly two hours so as to be comfortable.For two hours so it sinks into the depths of caves,deep memory is almost 100 meters underground.We move in different "rooms" crossed stalactites and stalagmites.We are not allowed to take pictures in caves "because of the animals and all that."

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2011-07-08 15:46:55 by Amishman

"Under pressure from sponsors accustomed to his now-aging squad’s dominating victories of the past, Radio Shack’s Johan Bruyneel adopted a novel approach to selecting the members of his 2011 TDF squad (average age: 53).
“I got to thinking, why come to the Tour with a single team leader?” Bruyneel explained. “That gives you – what – a one in nine chance of victory? And then it all clicked …’t break a hip.”
The approach seems to be paying off during week one. Despite crashes that have dimmed the hopes of Americans Levi Leipheimer and Chris Horner and the exit of Slovenia’s Jani “Erin” Brajkovic (who suffered a concussion and a broken collarbone after slipping in a pool of Andre Greipel’s tears), the team continues to field six bald GC contenders — more than any other team."

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