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Posted on January 25, 2014 – 10:13 am
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Page: With yet another summer that bitter under bad auspices of a severe economic crisis, why not think of a destination close to Italy, where you can keep costs under control and spend right? A good idea might be to go to Germany, which can be reached with your own car, it has a highway network access, and also fuel cost less and with a wide range of hotels and restaurants, thus making it possible to find appropriate values all budgets! And there is no shortage of ideas for a holiday trip to Germany! In a survey conducted recently by 'Germany Tourism Board (ENGT), were published the names of the hundred most visited tourist attractions in Germany, and then see the ranking of the 10 best attractions German could be an excellent starting point for thinking about organizing a route that touches the main places not to miss the entire confederation.

The survey was conducted from July 2012 until March 31 when the tourists could choose on the site of the tourist office ( ) their favorite tourist destination of Germany . In total, 46, 000 were expressed preferences that they are distributed in 700 tourist sites, and they have allowed us to create a ranking of 100 attractions in Germany, of which we report in this article the Top Ten

Analysis of the first 10 sites emerge some interesting conclusions: the Bavaria celebrates its lead, thanks to the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle, but the Land that the collection is the best overall results Baden-Württemberg with three attractions in the top ten, and the second place overall, with the Europa Park in Rust . It also confirms the great popularity of Berlin , which continues to fascinate its visitors thanks to the Brandenburg Gate and attractions related to its wall, which still retains its charm for more than 24 years after its fall.

Here is the complete ranking of the top 10 destinations

10. Museum Island (UNESCO World Heritage), Berlin
9. Lake Constance with the island of Mainau , Monastic Island of Reichenau (UNESCO
World Heritage Site), Lindau , prehistoric pile dwellings
Continued ...

8. Castle of Heidelberg , Baden-Wurttemberg
7. The nature reserves in Baden-Württemberg
6. The Loreley rock in the Rhine Valley (UNESCO World Heritage)
5. The Berlin Wall (Eastside Gallery, Berlin Wall Trail, Berlin Wall Park, etc.)
4. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
3. The Cathedral of Cologne , North Rhine Westphalia (UNESCO World Heritage)
2. Europa-Park, Rust , Baden-Wurttemberg
1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau / Bavaria , Füssen In any case, judging by the geographical spread of the top 100, the tourists seem to say that all the states of Germany are equipped with beautiful tourist attractions. It should be noted, however, the importance of the UNESCO's World Heritage Sites with 19 of the 37 Germans who are in the list of the Top 100.


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