Bled, a town between mountains Slovenian: Diary of a Tourist

Posted on February 8, 2014 – 04:43 pm

bled Today contemplate a world map twentieth century nostalgia wakes me. Not good, but nostalgic at the end of lost childhood, for seeing Europe I do not see an entire block of countries (whew!), but a multitude of independent states that have come to light after the fall of Communism. The geopolitics of the area was never too quiet but today seems to have channeled into its final form. Here is Slovenia , Central Europe, a small but very interesting to visit.

The capital is Ljubljana but there are other destinations and attractions to visit Bled one of them is a popular tourist destination in the country because it is so beautiful, surrounded by mountains and a beautiful lake. Lake Bled is a glacial lake that is in the Julian Alps and measuring 2120 meters long and 1380 meters wide. It has a depth of 30 meters and is a postcard, surrounded by forests and mountains and even a medieval castle on the shore. The place has a very mild temperate climate so when the gentry and aristocracy began to take a vacation this was one of the sites chosen, back in the nineteenth century.

In the lake there is an island called Bled island, which is the only island in the country, and has a handful of old buildings, including a beautiful fifteenth century church with a tower of 52 meters high. Furthermore, on the north shore is the Bled Castle , ancient by now. The oldest part is a Romanesque tower but the rest of the structure was enlarged in the Middle Ages and there are different styles in this building characterized by stairways, patios, doors and walls. This castle is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the whole country but the town is not far behind and together make the trip from the Slovenian capital is one of the best offered by tourism in this country.

You know, if you must know Bled Slovenia it is only 47 miles away.

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