New album and European tour dates

Posted on January 20, 2014 – 09:13 am


Article published on 08/06/13.Whether recent matters about Rock and Heavy Metal ?

"Legend has it that in August we will wait .... studio ax out there ....".

With this humorous message on your Facebook profile,the RATS OF BASEMENT warned about the beginning of the recordings aimed at a new studio album,which will be the first since 2006 - the year the band released "Man Enemy of Man" by Deckdisc.

In addition,the RDP released the dates of the European tour the band will make the days between June 25 and July 7,and will pass through Spain,Portugal,Italy,Slovenia,Czech Republic,Germany and Slovakia.The dates are as follows:


25 - Madrid (Spain)
26 - Zorrotza (Euskadi)
27 - Logrono (Spain)
28 - Oporto (Portugal)
29 - Lisbon (Portugal)
30 - Rome (Italy)

01 - Pordenone (Italy)
02 - Torino (Italy)
04 - Tolmin (Slovenia)
05 - Bratislava (Slovakia)
06 - Obscene Extreme Fest - Trutnov (CZ Republic)
07 - Berlin (Germany)

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