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Posted on March 8, 2014 – 02:18 am
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One of the best things about Slovenia is that it is located in the very center of Europe, so you have the opportunity to visit many European cities, as well as its surroundings.

To give you an idea:

  • Ljubljana-Budapest: 463km
  • Ljubljana-Zagreb: 143 km
  • Ljubljana-Venice: 245km
  • Ljubljana-Vienna: 384km
  • Ljubljana, Prague: 705km
  • Ljubljana-Belgrade: 534km
  • Ljubljana-Sarajevo: 546km

You get to know many countries that maybe from Spain is more complicated, as for example the area of the Balkans, a set of beautiful country with a great history behind it.

I've been lucky enough to visit during these two years many cities of the countries around Slovenia and I must say I have been amazed. There are cities that are beautiful, meet new people and see other culture, as I did when I went to Budapest, Prague and Vienna. Cities are bright with large monuments, have a lot of tourism, and of course a lot of Spanish!

The parliament of Budapest

The Garden of Empress Sisi in Vienna

Views of the Cathedral of Prague

Also, thanks to that when we were in Erasmus concimos a girl from Bosnia i Herzegovina, had the opportunity to visit Banja Luka, a city north of the country. We can say that the country may impact me most of all. Relatively few years ago ended the Civil War, so not yet recovered from it and wherever you go you see. They are building the first expressway reach Sarajevo, quite precarious roads, how people act ... They were really bad times and are still in the memory of all of them. I never imagined visiting that country, because when I was little always appeared in the news news about the Bosnian Civil War.

Orthodox style church in the center of Banja Luka.

The last trip I made ​​was a few days ago and I was lucky to go to the coast of Croatia (Hrvatska), known as "Dalmatia" is south of the country and is beautiful. The blue water, clean, lovely people ... The only flaw I see is that often called beach a piece of cement by the sea and well accustomed to the beaches of Spain because obviously not pleased, but if you want a little beach always find some very nice pequenino rocks where you can extend your towel provided you have a mat but also because the next day is going to hurt all (tested ;)).

Views of Pirovac from the sea.

In my opinion the Croatian coast is very pretty and great tourist attraction and we met people from many different nationalities, but in this case I was the only Spanish. I think in Spain have not yet discovered this great tourist potential and I hope that over the years the situation changes as worth seeing.


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