Slovenia Travel Guide by In Your Pocket: Ljubljana, Portoroz, Bled, Maribor

Posted on August 6, 2013 – 22:50

The sunny side of the Alps! Lake Bled Pletna seen through its traditional boat, photo by Bas Lammers

Do not let its diminutive size fool you. Slovenia's location at one of the Europe's true geographical, cultural and historical crossroads has blessed the country with a wealth of sights and attractions - all of Which are Easily accessible from the vibrant capital city Ljubljana .

If your travels bring you anywhere else in our pint-sized but geographically and culturally diverse country, In Your Pocket has the whole of Slovenia covered, from fairytale Bled in the north to second city Maribor in the east to picturesque Piran and the rest of country's Mediterranean coast in the west. We are Also extremely proud to introduce our newest Slovenian In Your Pocket guide: Posavje - a region in the country's southeast corner That May not be on the radar of many tourists, but is Packed with sights and activities, and makes for a great day- trip or weekend away from the Capital
As always, we welcome any and all feedback, be it on Facebook , Foursquare , Twitter or even old-fashioned email . If you have any questions acerca Ljubljana (or Slovenia) That You Can not find the answer to here, there's no better place to ask than on our 6, 000 strong Ljubljana In Your Pocket page on Facebook - you're guaranteed to get an almost instant response from one of our writers, to Local knowledgeable or seasoned traveler With The city family.

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Slovenia: Tourist Guide
Book (Naklada Naprijed,Croatia)

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“I had no real collateral for a deal of that size,” Kordez, who is currently appealing a conviction for forgery and abuse of office, told the New York Times recently. “Just my house, a few hundred thousand euros, a smart business plan and my reputation.”.

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  • Avatar Amirth As a couple we wanna go on a 4 day flight trip to some scenic location close to UAE. Any Suggestions?
    May 27, 2010 by Amirth | Posted in Air Travel

    I would love it if its cold, hilly, green, beach etc., I dont wnat any crowded city area or deserts.. I cant afford a lot of money too. May be i can spend around 4000 dhirams inclusive of flight tickets.. Pls let me know if you know any such place.

    • Kerala (India) is amazingly green and has great beaches - abt 4.5 hour flight.

      Turkey has areas that are green, hilly - cold in winter anyway - 4 hour flight.

      Both of these two destinations can be done pretty cheaply.

  • Avatar GamilhM What are the major tourist attractions in the country slovenia?
    Apr 27, 2009 by GamilhM | Posted in Other - Europe

    Places you might go if u had a chance
    have beautiful views!

    • The lake Bled area: A castle dating back to 1004AD which is located on the top of a very steep cliff, as well as the former summer residence of the former president of former Yugoslavia Tito (Josip Broz) which is nowadays …lively place! Lots of historical & architectural attractions!

      Postojna cave: One of the world's largest Karst caves and the home of the peculiar animal called olm, found exclusively from Postojna caves!