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Posted on January 3, 2014 – 04:36 am

The other outstanding feature of culture in Europe this year is Maribor,the second largest city in Slovenia,which shares the European Capital of Culture with Guimarães 2012 .

After Ljubljana,Maribor is certainly another great city of Slovenia,in a young country independent of Yugoslavia in the early 90s and annexed to the European Union from 2004.However,we can not take deception if we think we're going to find clear cities of historical events. Quite the contrary.

In the case of Maribor ,which rests on the banks of the Drava,Tyrolean river Danube ends and offers one of the most beautiful pictures of the city,its foundation took place in the Middle Ages,particularly in the twelfth century ,when it belongs to the cathedral.Close to the border with Austria,the city was coveted in many times in history and,since the fifteenth century underwent important sieges, which lasted through the ages until Nazi Germany's independence from Yugoslavia.

In contrast with his partener in the European Capital of Culture Maribor 2012 offers a programming alternative,avant-garde, not to mention mainstays of classical music,dance,jazz and more conventional shows,highlighted in its programming the freshness of modernity.

Summer in Slovenia is friendly and bright and Maribor 2012 gives us a golden opportunity to know a Central European region of unique beauty.

Photos from Andrej Jakobčič ,zazislaw ,Aided_Eye ,korom .
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Schengen Fact Sheet
24 European countries are party to the Schengen agreement. This agreement eliminates all internal border controls between them. To enter one Schengen country is to gain up to 90 days of continuous travel between the member states. American citizens traveling for business or tourism are not required to have a visa for this initial entry into the Schengen area, their visit, and could face possible fines or other repercussions if unable to do so.
The member parties of the Schengen agreement are:
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