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Foreign tourism grows 7.8% in Brazil. But the country has serious problems to absorb the demand of visitors

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As the government celebrates increase infrastructure lowers country ranking

Recursos naturais e culturais atraem turistas, mas país continua pouco competitivo (Divulgação) Natural and cultural resources attract tourists, but the country remains uncompetitive (Disclosure)

The Tourism Ministry announced on Friday, with some optimism, a figure emblematic: the total number of foreign visitors in the country in 2010 increased 7.8% compared to 2009 - reaching a number of 5.16 million people. It said about 27% of the public come to Brazil for work.

The report, however, does not present many reasons for celebrations. While the coming of foreigners increases, also growing Brazilian bottlenecks in infrastructure - particularly in relation to transport. It is known that vexation air travel in Brazil for the World Cup is almost certain - Unless, from day to night, the newly created Department of Airports to begin its functions and work day and night without stopping, so that at least that part of the bottlenecks is resolved. As such a task arises increasingly far from being fulfilled, given the delay in starting the work necessary, the effects of the lack of infrastructure already reach the competitiveness of tourism in the country.

According to a World Economic Forum report released in March of this year, Brazil fell from 45th to 52nd place in the ranking of competitiveness in world tourism. In comparison with the countries of the American continent, Brazil is in seventh place, losing to the United States, Canada, Barbados, Mexico, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico.

The current classification becomes even more unacceptable when Brazil leads the world list of countries rich in natural resources, in addition to being well ranked in cultural resources (23rd place) and sustainable tourism (29th place). However, according to the report, disability transport, high prices of air fares and bus policies plastered tourism development (the country is 114 in this regard) make Brazil is less attractive than nations far less popular, such as Bahrain, Slovenia, Montenegro and Malta.


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I totally enjoyed the 2010

2010-10-24 07:54:56 by benelli

Calendar. I just watched some of Rick Steve's outing in the Slovenia area. Now that the area is safe for tourism, and seeing how stunning the country side is, i would love to see some great pics from there and the USA.

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