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Posted on December 5, 2010 – 00:00
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"In the month of May, the center-right government has presented the new site with a lot of emphasis of the municipality of Gorizia, for which we all expected, as well as a new graphics also a substantial content update. The site is much more appealing and browsing more enjoyable, the contents have remained almost unchanged. " And 'the complaint of the City Council of the Democratic Party, Aleš Waltritsch.

"In the six months since then - he explains - a lot of information and documents are not yet available or are after extensive research, several information is incomplete. The situation is even worse as regards the multilingual site. In English there is only a small part of the area dedicated to tourism, years ago the administration of the center led by Brancati had begun to write a few pages in Slovenian and Friulian, with direct access, as normal on a website, right from the homepage. The new site these pages have been "cleverly" hidden, so that their achievement is far from easy and direct. "

Of these, as of other shortcomings of the City Council of the Pd site Aleš Waltritsch and other members have pointed out from the presentation of the site in May.
A few days ago the Mayor Romo in his first official meeting with his new rank pari passu in Nova Gorica Arčon spoke of the need for greater exchange of information and initiatives on the web, "forgetting, despite our reminders - continues Waltritsch - which a base, once effective, already exists. The three governments have a common site ( which is regularly updated on the Slovenian side (the latest data entered Thursday, 2 December), while being systematically "avoided" by the city of Gorizia, so that the latest news inserted by the junta center-back through eight last March. "

Waltritsch predicts that the content, usability and potential of the website of the Municipality of Gorizia will be discussed much more specific in the sessions of the budget, calendarizzate from December 20. It is today instead of the strong call and a question to the junta that Romo "will finally progress to one of their administrative duties, ie communication with citizens of linguistic minorities in their mother tongues. There are laws that regulate these provisions and fortunately there are also funds available and it is therefore mandatory to deviate from these opportunities. The December 15th is the deadline for the submission of applications for contributions under the law of protection of minorities historical 482/99. Among the actions planned are the creation and adaptation of the sites of public bodies in the languages ​​provided for us Slovene and Friulian), which means that the City can receive funds which otherwise would not have access. So - Waltritsch concludes - that some members of the board of the center are positively oriented toward this solution, however, are the terms to expire and it is therefore necessary that the entire administration is expressed clearly in this direction and write the program for the preparation and translation of documents necessary to implement and constantly updated versions Slovenian and Friulian, so that all citizens of Gorizia in the coming year will finally have available and read as it needs or are interested in their own language. "

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I totally enjoyed the 2010

2010-10-24 07:54:56 by benelli

Calendar. I just watched some of Rick Steve's outing in the Slovenia area. Now that the area is safe for tourism, and seeing how stunning the country side is, i would love to see some great pics from there and the USA.

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  • Avatar Amirth As a couple we wanna go on a 4 day flight trip to some scenic location close to UAE. Any Suggestions?
    May 27, 2010 by Amirth | Posted in Air Travel

    I would love it if its cold, hilly, green, beach etc., I dont wnat any crowded city area or deserts.. I cant afford a lot of money too. May be i can spend around 4000 dhirams inclusive of flight tickets.. Pls let me know if you know any such place.

    • Kerala (India) is amazingly green and has great beaches - abt 4.5 hour flight.

      Turkey has areas that are green, hilly - cold in winter anyway - 4 hour flight.

      Both of these two destinations can be done pretty cheaply.