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Posted on August 6, 2013 – 22:50

Time passes more slowly in the Slovenian countryside. A wide range of green experiences is within reach. Friendly hosts on tourist farms serve tasty, home-cooked food and drink. Relax in the company of open, friendly people and unspoilt nature, and just be yourself again. Give yourself up to the harmony of coexistence of man and nature, and feel the authenticity of the Slovenian countryside.

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Holidaying on a farm is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the rich cultural heritage of the Slovenian countryside: well-preserved architecture, customs and handicrafts. It is an opportunity to feel the joy and liveliness of traditional country fairs and events, the rhythm of daily life on the farm, and the joy of family at the end of major farm work, traditional pig slaughter and at harvest time.

From tourist farms to the wine roads

When on Fridays and weekends you plan trips to the country, family celebrations or business meetings, choose one of the numerous visitor farms. They are also available for pre-booked groups during the week. Friendly hosts will treat you to good food and excellent wine .

The many tourist farms where you can spend the night include ecological tourist farms. These offer healthy living environments and organic food certified by the official control organisation. Rural operators allow you to pick your own healthily produced fruit and vegetables.

From tourist farms you can set out on one of a number of wine roads in three wine-growing regions, where you can taste and buy quality, superior quality and quality-tested (predikat) Slovenian wines and sparkling wines.

The best way to learn about the whole life cycle of wine is from the oenologists in wine cellars, while sommeliers can tell you the best Slovenian wines to drink with particular dishes. Recipes are available so you can learn more about Slovenian national dishes and how to make them.

Establishing ties and strengthening friendship

Numerous events that are actually culinary experiences are organised throughout the year in the Slovenian countryside. They provide an opportunity to get to know people better and establish ties with friendly strangers. Treats at harvest time and St Martin's Day will bring a smile to your face.

Superb culinary experiences can be found in the Karst and the wider Primorska region during osmice, eight days when locals can sell home-made wine and dried meats, and other home-made goods.

While you're in the Slovenian countryside, it is also worth visiting the many well-preserved homesteads, the pride of Slovenian cultural and ethnological heritage.


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I totally enjoyed the 2010

2010-10-24 07:54:56 by benelli

Calendar. I just watched some of Rick Steve's outing in the Slovenia area. Now that the area is safe for tourism, and seeing how stunning the country side is, i would love to see some great pics from there and the USA.

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