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Posted on March 20, 2012 – 00:00

Slovenia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Surely this gives its territory intensely beautiful preserved, thanks to a high degree of commitment to preserving this precious capital: With its varied landscapes, its cities and towns and parks. Therefore, in Slovenia give utmost importance to ecotourism and tourism all initiatives that help preserve the environment and traditions. Tourism is valid only if it is in the service of men. And its green natural wealth Slovenia are not obvious, ees something you want to preserve for their descendants. Green tourism, ecological, sustainable and responsible that develops Slovenia covers all sustainable development approaches. Slovenia is a country with wonderfully unspoiled nature valued by locals and tourists alike. Natural features represent the precondition for the development of ecotourism and responsible.
With about 60% of its area covered by forest, Slovenia is the second most forested country in Europe.
A total of 36% of the area of ​​Slovenia is included in the Natura 2000 network. • One-fifth of the Slovenian coast is protected.
• The amount of river water per capita, Slovenia is one of the richest countries in Europe.
Its more than 22, 000 species of animals and plants placed Slovenia among the most healthy and natural in Europe.
Drinking water in Slovenia is one of the purest in Europe and even the world.
In this country, the virgin forest is located just 60 kilometers from the capital, Ljubljana. Examples of this type of tourism can be seen at: - European Destinations of Excellence - EDEN, is a project of the European Commission, in close collaboration with national tourism, in which you choose a theme that highlights the different aspects and values ​​of European regions, and are always related, in one way or another, to sustainable development, either from the standpoint of cultural, economic, local or environmental. The destinations participants must demonstrate that they have developed an economically viable tourism, based on the current EDEN theme each year. In recent years various destinations Slovenes have obtained this qualification, in 2011 Idrija. More information: / eden

- EU Flower: The certificate of the EU Flower Ecolabel is the European Union services. ecological tourist accommodation. Companies with this tag strive to reduce air pollution, reduce environmental pollution and the environment (renounce the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers), by saving energy and other natural resources and agriculture offer organic foods. The first tour company in Slovenia with this certificate are the Baths Snovik.


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Your clock is broken

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Delegates from Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, South Africa, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia and Turkey, among others, are expected to take part in the conference.
Palestinian pressure on the two countries (Britain and Spain) was instrumental in their decision to avoid participation.
They should be embarrassed. The Palestinians themselves benefit tremendously from tourism to Israel (and especially Jerusalem).

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