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想放下一切,去當一個背包客,在世界的某個角落留下你的腳印.在那風景秀麗壯美的地方,留下我的足跡。 Perhaps one day, you Wuwen Yong want to drop everything, to become a backpackers, somewhere in the world, leave your footprints in that magnificent scenic place, leaving my footprints. Such a day, is that how calm, let us begin the journey today, Europe's most worthy place to go in Austria.

Austria meaning "oriental country" is Europe's leading mountainous country YONGDA insurance broker disputes , the main rivers of the Danube. Austria landlocked country located in Central Europe, north of Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, East and adjacent southern Slovenia, Italy, bordering western Switzerland and Liechtenstein, is Central Europe continent from south to north and from west to east traffic hub. Alps from west to east across the whole territory, the national area of ​​83, 858 square kilometers, population 8.18 million. Water, forests, mineral-rich, developed economy Wing insurance broker disputes . Graphite, magnesite deposit amount in the world.

Austria (TheRepublicofAustria) Wing insurance broker disputes developed tourism industry, the magnificent Alps mountaineering enthusiasts and an ideal place for winter sports enthusiasts; hundreds of beautiful lakes, leisure and water sports in summer a good place; more than 40% forest cover and large grass pastures green to brighten the country's main colors; Privilege history of the people, you can cherish the memory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Vienna's Golden Age; tourists who love music, you can visit the musician's former home, we listened to a unforgettable concert.

Austria has a wealth of Wing insurance broker disputes cultural heritage and splendid modern art, colorful culture and the arts, including architecture, performance art and the plastic arts, music, drama and folk dance.
"Viennese classical music" is a major contribution to European culture, Austria created a generation of musicians: Classical music composers Joseph? Haydn, Wolfgang? Amadeus? Mozart, Ludwig? Feng? Beethoven, Franz? Schubert, Romantic composers John Jonas? Brahms, Anton? Bruckner and Gustav? Mahler; "Second Viennese School" is represented by Arnold? Hoon Berg, Alban? Berg and Anton? Webb, they directly affect the modernist "skew" music; Strauss family relaxed, cheerful waltz, brought joy to the people of the world; Little John Wing insurance broker disputes ? Strauss and Franz? Lei Haer known as the king of operetta, Carl? Mile Kai, Carl? Celle and Michelle? Qi Leier works are also widely-'s.
Austria has world-famous orchestras such as the Vienna Philharmonic Wing insurance broker disputes , Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra, the Vienna Symphony, the famous choir Male Choir, Vienna Boys Choir has become Austria's music messenger active on the world stage.
Vienna State Opera, the other Wing insurance broker disputes such as the famous Musikverein concert hall in Vienna concert hall, the many festivals held annually, and more consolidation of Austria's image as a music town. Austrian Academy of Music and college music education among the best in the world. Modern conductor Herbert? Karajan, Karl? Boehm order to establish the image of Austrian music, make a contribution. Any one world-class musicians the opportunity to race on wrong over Austria.

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Delegates from Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, South Africa, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia and Turkey, among others, are expected to take part in the conference.
Palestinian pressure on the two countries (Britain and Spain) was instrumental in their decision to avoid participation.
They should be embarrassed. The Palestinians themselves benefit tremendously from tourism to Israel (and especially Jerusalem).

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