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July 2013

The Slovenian Tourist Board chooses Expansion Group.In the consultation concerning the media budget in 2013, Slovenia has selected SPIRIT Expansion Group for planning printing on Italian newspapers.Important new acquisition for the agency headed by Giorgio Piccioni. Expansion Group has recently won the tender from 'SPIRIT Slovenian Tourist Board as part of a pitch he saw 5 other structures involved.The objective of communication promote Slovenia as a tourist destination throughout the year through a press campaign that will be on air on numerous trade publications."We are delighted and excited to be working with the 'Slovenian Tourist Board, an important brand that enriches our portfolio of clients operating in this sector, " says Giorgio Piccioni, Managing Director of Expansion Group."Even the 'Croatian National Tourist Board, in fact, for four years who rely on us: in particular, in 2013 we have managed the planning print and TV."The campaign includes outputs during the months of July, August and September.The planning involves publications related to the world of travel and tourism services or outputs in full page.Creativity, signed by the slogan I FEEL LOVE NIA S, focuses on some of the main attractions of the central European country: the majestic Julian Alps, the picturesque spa centers and the wonders of the coastal area.The plan was prepared by the Media Unit of Expansion Group.Friskies and Corsica Sardinia Ferries take off with Expansion Group.Renewed and enriched repeats itself again this year the successful operation of co-marketing between Friskies and Corsica Sardinia Ferries, designed by Expansion Group.Among the novelties of 2013, an original competition that rewards those who travel with their dog.In the panorama of ocean carriers Corsica Sardinia Ferries stands out for years for the attention that caters to more specific targets and have special needs, such as dog owners.In order to further qualify the offer has been developed by Expansion Group, for the second consecutive year, a transaction between the company and co-marketing of yellow ships and Friskies, Purina historical brand premium.From 15 June to 30 September to all those who will be traveling on board one of the ships on the routes Livorno-Golfo Aranci, Savona Bastia, Bastia and Livorno-Bastia-Piombino-Portoferraio will be given special treatment: receive a free cute kit, including a delicious Snack Friskies Picnic and a guide with many useful tips for traveling with your dog the best.It enriches the initiative a landing page Illustrative of the various services offered by Corsica Sardinia Ferries man's best friend and his master and the competition "Vacationing with Friskies", dedicated to dogs and owners ... more photogenic. To participate simply load on the site Petpassion.tv a picture that portrays the owner with your dog on vacation. The eight most voted shots will be rewarded with "Traverse to the / ra 6 legs" (1 person and 1 dog) on the routes served by Corsica Sardinia Ferries and supplies for two months of Friskies snacks.

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Schengen Fact Sheet
24 European countries are party to the Schengen agreement. This agreement eliminates all internal border controls between them. To enter one Schengen country is to gain up to 90 days of continuous travel between the member states. American citizens traveling for business or tourism are not required to have a visa for this initial entry into the Schengen area, but...ing their visit, and could face possible fines or other repercussions if unable to do so.
The member parties of the Schengen agreement are:
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

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  • Avatar Amirth As a couple we wanna go on a 4 day flight trip to some scenic location close to UAE. Any Suggestions?
    May 27, 2010 by Amirth | Posted in Air Travel

    I would love it if its cold, hilly, green, beach etc., I dont wnat any crowded city area or deserts.. I cant afford a lot of money too. May be i can spend around 4000 dhirams inclusive of flight tickets.. Pls let me know if you know any such place.

    • Kerala (India) is amazingly green and has great beaches - abt 4.5 hour flight.

      Turkey has areas that are green, hilly - cold in winter anyway - 4 hour flight.

      Both of these two destinations can be done pretty cheaply.