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Slovenia: Summer in Piran

With medieval Italian flavors and spirit,the coastal city bathing in the Adriatic Sea looks like a sculpture carved by Michelangelo.

Ceilings Slovenes.Almost like a flawless picture,the medieval walled city speaks of respect for the Slovenians for jewelry from her past.

On a clear summer morning,the ride paved the coastal town of Piran was full of bronzed men watching a good number of women topless and lying along the rocky beach.Piran,however,is not in the French Riviera,and is not a sleepy Italian fishing village,despite the abundance of pizzerias,Venetian Gothic churches and restaurants with names like Verdi Inn.

Piran,strange as it may seem,is in Slovenia,between Italy and Croatia along the northern tip of the Adriatic Sea. And this medieval village with a population of 5000 souls has gained a reputation as the jewel in the crown of the northern Adriatic coast.

Get travelers seeking the extensive vineyards Tuscan style,incomparable scenery and delicious Italian food,without having to endure the crowds of tourists,exorbitant prices and charmless hotels lately seem to have been present in Italy.

Piran is located on a peninsula in decline and is a maze of orange roofs,crumbling walls and a square marble facades surrounded by Michelangelo himself could have carved.On weekends,the place is crowded with people enjoying the outdoor theater,dance and chamber music.

While the town is officially bilingual (Slovenian and Italian),the cuisine of fresh fish and pasta is unmistakably Italian. And there is good reason for this: Piran was ruled by Venice for 500 years.The traditional Slovenian food,usually composed of some form of sausage and pasta puddings stuffed with meat,you only brief and infrequent appearances on menus.Checkered tablecloths and music,mostly Puccini recordings,complete the effect."It's still a fishing village and feels almost exactly as it was during the Venetian rule, " says Lea Suligoj,office of tourism of the population.

The restaurants with the finest cuisine are aligned on the esplanade near the sea. There you can drink Refosk,local red wine,eating seafood or Piran dish: thin slices of sea bass or grilled squid in olive oil ($ 32).

On a clear night,the action moves to the terrace with alcoves,which overlooks the blue Adriatic and you can clearly see the twinkling lights of Trieste.

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Krakow, Tatras

2007-08-31 21:35:21 by milusienki

What time of year?
Try Krakow, Poland, for culture and clubs and incredable ambience. Then head for the Tatra mountains for (seasonally) hiking, skiing, kayaking, rock climbing. While there visit Zywiec Brewery Museum in the village of Zywiec and nearby village of Koniakow where he can buy you some hand-laced panties called stringis made by the village ladies who also make altar cloths fo...illage, time warped. Outstanding seafood restaurants. Swim (includes some secluded private spots). Boating. Ferry to Venice for day trip.
For recreation, head for Bled, Slovenia, in the Julian Alps, a short drive or bus ride away. Ski in winter, swim to romantic island in the summer. Hike. Kayak. Explore caves.
Email me for more info or link to travel albums.

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  • Avatar Amirth As a couple we wanna go on a 4 day flight trip to some scenic location close to UAE. Any Suggestions?
    May 27, 2010 by Amirth | Posted in Air Travel

    I would love it if its cold, hilly, green, beach etc., I dont wnat any crowded city area or deserts.. I cant afford a lot of money too. May be i can spend around 4000 dhirams inclusive of flight tickets.. Pls let me know if you know any such place.

    • Kerala (India) is amazingly green and has great beaches - abt 4.5 hour flight.

      Turkey has areas that are green, hilly - cold in winter anyway - 4 hour flight.

      Both of these two destinations can be done pretty cheaply.

  • Avatar GamilhM What are the major tourist attractions in the country slovenia?
    Apr 27, 2009 by GamilhM | Posted in Other - Europe

    Places you might go if u had a chance
    have beautiful views!

    • The lake Bled area: A castle dating back to 1004AD which is located on the top of a very steep cliff, as well as the former summer residence of the former president of former Yugoslavia Tito (Josip Broz) which is nowadays …lively place! Lots of historical & architectural attractions!

      Postojna cave: One of the world's largest Karst caves and the home of the peculiar animal called olm, found exclusively from Postojna caves!