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Lago Bled Lake Bled is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Slovenia. Located 45 km. northwest of Ljubljana (about 45 minutes), in full Julian Alps, it is a perfect getaway for a sunny summer day.

Bled is a tiny tourist village near the border with Austria , and the people live by and for the blue water lake, calm, clear that such fame has in the region.Mapa de Eslovenia - Bled We came from a one-week route through Croatia , and as the return to Barcelona was from Zagreb, who is playing in Slovenia, we could not pass up the opportunity to wander for a couple of days for this young and green country.

After visiting its capital, Ljubljana, we encourage you to get into a few miles north and visit the lake that offers as bucolic as it prints.

Lake Bled

Even in full in August, Bled and its lake is a haven of peace. A few tourists walk by boat on the lake, as many sunbathers lying on the grass on its banks, some bathe, and little else. Even so, join them in this lángido enjoy the lake and its surroundings is a luxury, and if you choose to set yourselves a sunny day in summer, I assure you that the memory that you have earned will be indelible. Park the car is not complicated, there are private car parks around the perimeter of the lake.Mapa del Lago Bled We left the car in a parking lot in the south, and cost € 1 an hour. It is very possible that the lake area near the town of Bled has a little more active, so this area a little further away is ideal for watching the stage calmly, take a dip and lay on the grass while we dried in the sun .

The waters of Lake Bled have a very pleasant temperature in summer, so take a swim is like we must.Un baño en el Lago Bled (1) We did so, and became one of the best memories of our trip to Croatia and Slovenia. Yes I recommend that you take a shower shoes to prevent slipping when entering the water, because the wooden floor is quite narrow, and it is not strange that it is completely covered with vegetation very slippery. Another important thing, the whole lake is quite deep so refrain people who can not swim.

Lake Bled is surrounded by mountains almost completely, and as a result has more pleasant temperatures than the rest of Slovenia. For example, in July the average is 18 ° C (with highs between 22 and 26 ° C), while in January average is 2 ° C (-5 ° C minimum). The rainiest months are October and November, and it can snow occasionally. In winter, the lake freezes and becomes ice skating center stage. The lake is 457m of altitude over the sea.

On the northern shores of the lake stands a towering cliff, topped by a medieval castle of Bled, one of Slovenia's oldest fortresses and deserves to be treated in a separate article.

Looking for luck in Lake Bled Island

One detail that catches the attention of the lake is the small island located on the west side, and crowned by a beautiful church. This picture of the lake is without doubt one of the best photos I can do. If you want to visit the island, there are several types of boats that will bring you closer. You can rent a boat and row yourself. The price is 10 € / hour. If you go in large group or prefer that you take, there gondolas in which a rower suffered 10-12 transports passengers to the island. Once there, the gondolier announced in Slovenian, English, French, German and Italian in 30 minutes sail again. The price of this trip is 12 € per person, and so you can visit the Church of Lake Bled, which provides features such as photo postcards and spectacular site. The Church of the Assumption looks more like a little fairy tale castle than a place of worship, and it is assumed that the search for a striking aesthetic had much to do with its construction.

Bled Isla de la Asunción Un baño en el Lago Bled (2) Un baño en el Lago Bled (3) Barcas en el Lago Bled

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Krakow, Tatras

2007-08-31 21:35:21 by milusienki

What time of year?
Try Krakow, Poland, for culture and clubs and incredable ambience. Then head for the Tatra mountains for (seasonally) hiking, skiing, kayaking, rock climbing. While there visit Zywiec Brewery Museum in the village of Zywiec and nearby village of Koniakow where he can buy you some hand-laced panties called stringis made by the village ladies who also make altar cloths fo...illage, time warped. Outstanding seafood restaurants. Swim (includes some secluded private spots). Boating. Ferry to Venice for day trip.
For recreation, head for Bled, Slovenia, in the Julian Alps, a short drive or bus ride away. Ski in winter, swim to romantic island in the summer. Hike. Kayak. Explore caves.
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