No Perrengue: Slovenia - General Information

Posted on April 15, 2014 – 07:45 am

Bled Castle

Slovenia,also known as the chicken-shaped country is a small country between Italy,Austria,Croatia and Hungary.Its mountainous area is home to part of the Julian Alps and the Triglav mountain a highest mountain.

It is the third most forested country in Europe,and so inexhaustible source of extreme sports.In summer,the Triglav National Park attracts many climbers,and this activity is so popular that say a Slovenian need to go to the top of Mount Triglav at least once in your life.Moreover,it offers many other sports,such as: paraglading, trekking,cycling,canoeing,abseiling,among others.

Porém,não pense que no inverno se acaba o encanto. The Soca river,one of the country's major rivers and lakes of Bled and Bohinj cities are also full of families and young people to enjoy lazing in the sun and swim in its cool waters,yet is easy to find a quiet place away from any tourist. however,do not think that winter is over the charm. With its intense snow mountain range becomes the perfect destination for winter sports.And,unlike other mainland Alps,skiing is possible at a fair price.

Its capital,Ljubljana,is a charming medieval town.A city organized,safe,quiet.Perfect for sightseeing and rest the edge of the river that runs through the city.During the period of summer is a city full of young people,especially European university that leverage low cost Eastern Europe to vacation.There are evening programs for all ages and tastes,and several cultural tours during the day.

Towards the south has still the city of Piran, a beautiful beach town where you can enjoy the Mediterranean sea,and the town of Postojna, where there is one of the most beautiful caves in Europe,full of stalactites and stalagmites, and a castle also great.

Now,if you are like me and are never drive (unless you have received one friend ride) is easy to get to the capital by train or bus.Slovenske železnice . The train company is the Slovenian Slovenske železnice .Vienna,the Austrian capital,the route takes six hours by train and the view is stunning,really amazing a ride across Austria.

From Italy the easiest way to reach the capital is by bus.You will train to the city of Trieste (near the border of the two countries) and from there take a bus that takes about three hours to Ljubljana.

Capital Ljubljana top view
Many are the possibilities of hosting in Slovenia from luxury hotels to campsites there are options for all tastes and pockets.If your intention is to travel in comfort and luxury is easy to find large hotels in major cities of the country,another option are the cabins in the mountains and beach houses that are always available for rent.For people who need comfort and greater privacy but do not want to spend much money,there are guesthouses and smaller hotels that are usually found at a price well into account. For the more adventurous there is no shortage hostels in cities,these range from the trendiest to the most quiet,another option are the various campsites scattered through the fields and mountains of the country.

Recently Slovenia joined the European Union,and therefore,the country currently uses the Euro as their national currency and no visa is required for Brazilians who are touring for 90 days.

Well,being an East-European country to poorly integrated with the European Union,not everyone will speak English.In markets,pharmacies and other segments of the tourism to the majority of workers do not speak English.And,of course,is that those languages ​​Slovenian impossible to decipher,rs.But do not worry,the Slovenes are very attentive and will do anything for that communication to work.Moreover,it is very common that people speak Italian as a second language,as the largest public tourist comes from that country.So even if you do not speak Italian,you'll be able to understand more easily.


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Krakow, Tatras

2007-08-31 21:35:21 by milusienki

What time of year?
Try Krakow, Poland, for culture and clubs and incredable ambience. Then head for the Tatra mountains for (seasonally) hiking, skiing, kayaking, rock climbing. While there visit Zywiec Brewery Museum in the village of Zywiec and nearby village of Koniakow where he can buy you some hand-laced panties called stringis made by the village ladies who also make altar cloths fo...illage, time warped. Outstanding seafood restaurants. Swim (includes some secluded private spots). Boating. Ferry to Venice for day trip.
For recreation, head for Bled, Slovenia, in the Julian Alps, a short drive or bus ride away. Ski in winter, swim to romantic island in the summer. Hike. Kayak. Explore caves.
Email me for more info or link to travel albums.

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