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Slovenia is a small country in Central Europe that lies between Austria, Hungary, Italy and Croatia has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to mountainous regions with Julian Alps.

The history of the hotel industry in Slovenia dating back to early 19th century, when the first hotels were built in Ljubljana, the capital of the country. Then surfaced hotels in popular tourist areas in the early 20th century, especially in health centers, which have a particularly venerable tradition of hospitality.

Today, no accommodation throughout Slovenia with many new and renovated hotels categorized according to international standards offering the desired comfort and convenience along numerous programs and services.

Besides entertainment programs, some hotels offer casinos, casinos both classical European and American style casinos that most clearly matches with luck combined with relaxing entertainment programs.

In the Slovenian coast and the Julian Alps region, there is a wide range of private rooms and apartments for tourists, usually available through local travel agencies and Tourist Information Centres.

Elsewhere, there is less chance of finding private accommodation, but there are many possibilities of accommodation tourist farms offer many apartments and bungalows including affordable housing. Over 230 tourist farms classified are members of the Association of Slovenian Farms.

It added that Slovenia is a country to the campsite where the majority of which are small but well equipped and are ideal starting points for those who like to plan their own vacation and decide at the time of visiting the attractions of a particular area.

For lovers of sport and recreation, most campsites offer various sports facilities (or at least are available in the vicinity). And to the delight of the children, many camps have organized playground.


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Yes, in the 1990s.

2011-03-01 10:05:03 by Constellation21

Ceacescu was rough on the city. He tore out the entire center, leaving it a big empty lot. I'm afraid there is not much left. However, the Romanian countryside is beautiful and accessible. Take a bus to Bran, site of Dracula's castle, and hike into the stunningly beautifuly Translyvanian Alps. Take the train to Sinaia, an old Hapsburg mountain resort with a Grand Hotel and very pretty palace. Al...a was inexpensive, lodging and food were of good quality, other an Burcharest (and Alba Ulia), the cities were pretty. Also, take the train to Efrorie Nord on the coast. It has the delightful feel of an old communist workers resort (which I like, no kidding) and beautiful views of the Black Sea. In the 1990s, Romania had not yet become a traffic-jam country (like Slovenia), it may still be nice.

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