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Posted on April 24, 2014 – 09:33 am

portoroz termes Portoroz is located on the Slovenian coast ,a few kilometers from Piran .A large hotel complex is built on the edge of Slovenian Sea.Inside,there is a great spa at exceptional value for money prices.

For a spa of this type have at least 70 € in France.termes piran Slovenia,Portoroz,the entrance to the Spa costs 23 €.

Once the locker room under Portoroz through,you find three thermal pools bathed in lights with a huge skylight letting light freely.In the spa area,you can relax in one of two jacuzzis heated to 36 ° C or under the waterfall in the hot water at 31 ° c.The best is yet to come.

Terms,crossing a door in the spa area,you can access the immense space saunas and hammams .

A dozen saunas and hammams await you in this unique Slovenian spa.

You can make yourself a peeling with sea salt,go to the ice cave,enjoy dozens of saunas and steam flavored ... or simply laze on chaise lounge in one of the lounges.

Read also: the best terms of Slovenia As in all good Thalassotherapies,you can do massage (by real masseuses come from Thailand) or offer additional spa treatments but saunas and steam rooms are so numerous that it is not necessary to pay for extras to spend two or three great and relaxing hours in the wellness centers Portoroz.

Thalasso Portoroz is an activity not to miss in rain,winter and also even if it is beautiful!

The entrance is located under the hotel slovenija.You will find it very easily.Ask the hosting of this hotel Portoroz go.

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Yes, in the 1990s.

2011-03-01 10:05:03 by Constellation21

Ceacescu was rough on the city. He tore out the entire center, leaving it a big empty lot. I'm afraid there is not much left. However, the Romanian countryside is beautiful and accessible. Take a bus to Bran, site of Dracula's castle, and hike into the stunningly beautifuly Translyvanian Alps. Take the train to Sinaia, an old Hapsburg mountain resort with a Grand Hotel and very pretty palace. Al...a was inexpensive, lodging and food were of good quality, other an Burcharest (and Alba Ulia), the cities were pretty. Also, take the train to Efrorie Nord on the coast. It has the delightful feel of an old communist workers resort (which I like, no kidding) and beautiful views of the Black Sea. In the 1990s, Romania had not yet become a traffic-jam country (like Slovenia), it may still be nice.

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