Slovenian side to the Croatian islands

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Lucija2 Lucija I Love You

Reveille in the morning, the place is so nice surrounded by olive, overlooking the sea a sort of little golf (geographical). I decolle on foot, crossing my first Slovenian, rather pretty blonde smiling and biking. My feet hurt, I stop in a roundabout near a bridge and eat my pineapple box, then cross the bridge along a road under construction that will not led away from a shopping center. I was looking for a room air, but there is not the size, I take an anti-theft and that she tools. I see in the corner girls are pretty assertions, the creepy guy baleye and it looks like they have all the war. After a good day on the Slovenian coast, along a pedestrian path that leads me to Izola. I am looking for a campsite to ask me quietly assertions, nobody at the reception, ca looks close, back to back, I'm trying to remove my rear wheel but did not. night falls, so I want a hotel, located in a. The room is niquel, canaper bed, satellite etc ... class. including petit dej. I racommode my jeans after taking a shower, washing my hands and a dud matte a boxing On TV, eat, sleep and bouquine me in this very comfortable bed. I slept too well. During breakfast is a treat, it is everything and I exploded the rumen. When I go back to the room I decided to stay one more night. J'z am. I tinker my bike, get the brakes repaired, I read, nap, sweet, '''' tour of the city. A On TV there is a special channel that broadcasts a voyeur picture of the town square, I read back, ask me, then go drink a beer in a room Prometheus has dimension, comfortable and rather beautiful deco write a little before and went to bed. A new small dej feast, I decolle of the hotel at 11am leaving Iyola, am the main road to Portoroz, long straight without sidewalk, passing very close to the bike path D8 I borrow. It is infact an old railroad track that longais relatively popular. It is started raining, then louder and louder, I spend Portoroz, Lucija, Seca, and once at the end of the track (which according to a sign should go up Porec, Croatia), I find myself a the Croatian border (I traversser Slovenia walk :-) cool! ). Douanne Premiere and first passport stamp, it was fast. It is still raining. I go up to a city and stopped me first take a caffe in order to watch the card dry. The first Croatian, a petard, which has the air of a bitch. The currency here is the kuna 1 euro is equal to 7 kn and 20 lipa. I decided to take the lead Buje, the area is very nature. Too bad it rained so I'd be put in a corner or savannah wood peit I meet. But s install and store the tent in the rain muddy ... Night falls, I'm a buje and is not hotel, it's pouring, it finally takes me on the road, a rented room of the restaurant. the room is not great, and I had to take my shower is being squatted not get me use the knobs. I made the food, reading and doing my dry clothes.


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Yes, in the 1990s.

2011-03-01 10:05:03 by Constellation21

Ceacescu was rough on the city. He tore out the entire center, leaving it a big empty lot. I'm afraid there is not much left. However, the Romanian countryside is beautiful and accessible. Take a bus to Bran, site of Dracula's castle, and hike into the stunningly beautifuly Translyvanian Alps. Take the train to Sinaia, an old Hapsburg mountain resort with a Grand Hotel and very pretty palace. Al...a was inexpensive, lodging and food were of good quality, other an Burcharest (and Alba Ulia), the cities were pretty. Also, take the train to Efrorie Nord on the coast. It has the delightful feel of an old communist workers resort (which I like, no kidding) and beautiful views of the Black Sea. In the 1990s, Romania had not yet become a traffic-jam country (like Slovenia), it may still be nice.

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