Around the Dolomites of Lienz - Innsbruck

Posted on December 18, 2013 – 04:24 pm
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Duration: 9 days
Period: 25.9.2012 to 3.10.2012
Distance: 460 km
Countries visited: Italy

Hello, a little reading material for cloudy and cold winter days: records of a tour that was not favored by the weather, the more calls for repetition as the track is really nice and also for people who are definitely not a mountain goat, doable.


25th September Saarbrücken - Lienz

By train from Saarbrücken and Mannheim Spittal to Lienz, where I arrive about an hour late. Reason: A locomotive damage that caught our train at the railway station of Salzburg. Fortunately, the connecting train waits in Spittal.
In pre-reserved hotel "hawks" I get at night. From the host I learn that the Drauradweg is popular with Italians, who can be rolled in the direction of height of Slovenia Maribor (Marburg an der Drau).

26th September Lienz - Cortina d'Ampezzo
65 km 727 Hm

I was the day before from a moving train, the landscape look in bright sunshine, so it is cloudy today. Is it because that I not only Italian (and hardly anyone else) is on the opposite river Drava Cycle Path?
Looking at the weather to be getting worse throughout the day, I decide the day's stage to accelerate slightly. In Abfaltersbach I drive up to the station and leave transport me to Innichen by the ÖBB.
San Candido in the Drau Valley it's a barely perceptible watershed Rienztal, Toblach. The precipitate is stronger, I put on the rain gear. Lunch in a restaurant on Dobbiaco Lake, in the raindrops draw circles. It does not, I must continue. First, I'm going on the road, because supposedly the bike path is bad to drive. But after a truck had to overtake necessarily when a bus entgegenkam, I also like the asphalt no longer so right. How do I switch on the bike path that runs along the old Dolomites railway line. From one point apart, where once led a bridge over the coarse gravelly stream bed, it's pretty good to drive. Past the Landro I reach the pass summit: 1529 m lies the Passo di Cimabanche. Strengthened with a coffee it goes on the run. The rain has now stopped.
First, it is on dirt (despite a few puddles passably well) over spectacular bridges and through tunnels, then on asphalt down to the city. I have a room reserved at the Hotel Montana, located in Cortina, opposite the beautiful baroque church.
I have not even started on a city tour, it starts to rain again. In the hotel I borrow an umbrella and contemplate the place, which is characterized by a multitude expensive shops.
In the church, I hear some time to the organist, then find a very nice bar to Aperol Spritz there are many tasty snacks - free of charge.

September 27: Cortina - Fonzaso
117 km, 544 Hm

The weather has improved: It is dry, but the clouds still hang low. On the almost universally wonderful Dolomites paved bike path I roll downhill. Tai di Cadore in the bike path crosses the main road, which I folte now. Perfectly developed, it changes after a few kilometers on the other side of the Piave. Just before the bridge you can ski on the old state road to Perarolo di Cadore. The track is only (!) Signposted cycle path sage.
The old road is up appointments with virtually no traffic, then ends the rail line, and the traffic increases. Longarone, a place with many striking Ice, I lick an ice cream. Ponte n Alpi it goes beyond the Piave. Past Belluno, located on the picturesque banks of other, I drive by Mel and Feltre (futile search hotel in the historic center) to Fonzaso. At the entrance I see a B & B sign. In this historic house with impressive large rooms I get a room. Bathroom is across the hall, but I'm the only guest.



Yes, in the 1990s.

2011-03-01 10:05:03 by Constellation21

Ceacescu was rough on the city. He tore out the entire center, leaving it a big empty lot. I'm afraid there is not much left. However, the Romanian countryside is beautiful and accessible. Take a bus to Bran, site of Dracula's castle, and hike into the stunningly beautifuly Translyvanian Alps. Take the train to Sinaia, an old Hapsburg mountain resort with a Grand Hotel and very pretty palace. Al...a was inexpensive, lodging and food were of good quality, other an Burcharest (and Alba Ulia), the cities were pretty. Also, take the train to Efrorie Nord on the coast. It has the delightful feel of an old communist workers resort (which I like, no kidding) and beautiful views of the Black Sea. In the 1990s, Romania had not yet become a traffic-jam country (like Slovenia), it may still be nice.

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