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Posted on February 11, 2014 – 05:03 pm

Готель Antiq Hotel розташований у місті Любляна; неподалік від нього - Люблянський замок, Собор Св. Миколая і Потрійний міст. Також неподалік є Міст дракона і Національна і університетська бібліотека Словенії.

Готельні вигоди
Цей готель пропонує таке: бар / лаундж-бар. У зонах загального користування надається безкоштовний бездротовий доступ до Інтернету. Послуги на вимогу: послуги консьєржа, допомога в підборі турів / квитків та туристична допомога. Серед додаткових готельних вигод - тераса на даху, бібліотека та багатомовний персонал.

У кожному номері є балкони. У номерах із кондиціонерами, кількість яких у готелі Antiq Hotel складає 16, є міні-бар і сейфи. Надається високошвидкісний дротовий доступ до Інтернету (за додаткову плату). У номерах є плоскі телевізори з каналами супутникового телебачення. В усіх номерах є письмовий стіл, безкоштовні газети і телефон прямого набору. Серед додаткових вигод фен та радіогодинник. На запит надаються такі готельні вигоди: масаж у номері, праска / прасувальна дошка та антиалергенні постільні речі.

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2006-06-28 16:35:25 by ribica11

Glad you liked Croatian beer. It is so cheap!
There is suitable accommodation for every budget, From 10$ for rooms and camps, all inclusive cheap socialistic monster hotels to beautiful Hilton right at the Dubrovnik walls, Esplanade in center of Zagreb or Hotel Peristil inside of historic Diocletian palace in Split (double 120 –150$).
Mostar in Bosnia should be also visited, especially during diving competition from the 28 m high bridge. They have done amazing work to restore it after war destruction.
Bled in Slovenia is gorgeous, for a day or two visits. Many private rooms and hotels are located just around the lake.

No problem

2006-02-05 19:42:31 by -

Other than travelling with a very young child, you should have no real problems. Slovenia and Croatia are great. You don't say how you plan to travel, but the trains are fine, the roads tend to be narrow with limited highways. Both capital cities are nice small cities (Ljubljana is nicer n my opinion).
Bled (SL) and the rural surrounding area of mountains and lakes are incredible. Dubrovnik (HR) and many of the nearby islands are great, but I encourage you to take the ferry to/from Split versus driving over. You can easily take the train from Zagreb to Split, but the ferry or bus is the option from Split to Dubrovnik

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A journey to the troubled heart of the Balkans.  — New Statesman
Named for Saint Sava, the princely archbishop who founded the Serbian Orthodox Church and drafted the first Serbian constitution in 1219, it starts as a racing, turquoise stream in the Julian Alps of Slovenia.

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    My girlfriend and I are getting married later this year and would like to go on a ski trip for our honeymoon - it'll be from boxing day for about 10 nights. What's the best resort (worldwide) for such an occasion? We would like something picturesque with as much chance of snow as possible. Also, can anyone recommend the best hotel to stay in - money (for once) no object.

    • If you're looking worldwide, you get lots of great options. I'll give you two overseas and two here in North America:

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  • Avatar Alex I'm thinking about visiting Slovenia, but I have some questions.?
    Jan 07, 2013 by Alex | Posted in Packing & Preparation

    I'm thinking about going to Slovenia with a friend at the end of March. There were a few things that I was wondering, though.

    1. Weather- will the weather be good for hiking up in the Bled/Julian Alps area, …on (in the bigger cities, at least) so that I'd only have to learn some basic words in the local language, or should I put myself on a crash-course to get a grasp on the basics before I go?

    Thanks in advance.

    • 1. - I think it will be good for hiking but dress well, because it will be cold. There will probably be some snow, too. This year's winter is quite warm, so I'm not sure.
      2 - Transportation - city bus is around 1 …18, and probably can't go to a lot of clubs. In many shops people aren't very strict when it comes to buying alcohol.
      5- Yes, English is really widley spoken as second language here, especially among young people.