Enjoy 87 different types of hot springs and 15 centers in Slovenia

Posted on September 13, 2011 – 00:00

Enjoy 87 different types of hot springs and 15 centers in Slovenia

The spa tradition comes from centuries ago, and in the nineteenth thermal health centers of Slovenia, were the favorite destination of European royalty. Their 15 certified natural health, provide medical services and develop innovative forms of preventive and alternative programs for health, beauty, self-esteem, relaxation and experiences that comfort the soul. The programs include proven effective natural factors and activities tailored to each individual and are organized in the Association of Slovenian Natural Spa. There are two types of drinking mineral waters with curative properties Slovenian that are world famous. The temperature of the hot springs varies between 32 ° C and 73 ° C. Most Slovenian natural health are east of Slovenia and two are located on the coast. They offer accommodation in hotels of all categories, including luxury.

Terme Čatež: with an area of 12, 000 m2 thermal pools in the Riviera, the largest of Slovenia.

Dobrna Terme is the oldest natural spa in Slovenia, with over 600 years of tradition using the water for medicinal purposes.

Dolenjske Toplice Terme, famous for its treatment of rheumatic diseases. Now also offers cosmetic surgery!.

Lasko Thermana center specializes in providing rehabilitation after an injury to the musculoskeletal system.

Terme Lendava, the most important feature is its thermal mineral water paraffin, basis for balneotherapy.

Terme 3000 offers accommodation in one of the most prestigious hotels in Slovenia. It has the only black thermal water with healing effects.

Olimia Terme, spa is known for its architecture. The Podčetrtek springs, voted the most beautiful village in Europe, have been known for centuries.

The Spa & Wellness Lifeclass 5 products only by using natural local remedies.

Terme Ptuj, is one of the newest resorts in Slovenia.

Zdravilisce Radenci is a recognized center for the recovery of cardiovascular disease.

Rogaska Zdravilisce water has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and many internal organs.

Strunjan Thalasso is located in the heart of a natural park with the highest cliffs in the Adriatic and 80 miles of trails.

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2006-06-28 16:35:25 by ribica11

Glad you liked Croatian beer. It is so cheap!
There is suitable accommodation for every budget, From 10$ for rooms and camps, all inclusive cheap socialistic monster hotels to beautiful Hilton right at the Dubrovnik walls, Esplanade in center of Zagreb or Hotel Peristil inside of historic Diocletian palace in Split (double 120 –150$).
Mostar in Bosnia should be also visited, especially during diving competition from the 28 m high bridge. They have done amazing work to restore it after war destruction.
Bled in Slovenia is gorgeous, for a day or two visits. Many private rooms and hotels are located just around the lake.

No problem

2006-02-05 19:42:31 by -

Other than travelling with a very young child, you should have no real problems. Slovenia and Croatia are great. You don't say how you plan to travel, but the trains are fine, the roads tend to be narrow with limited highways. Both capital cities are nice small cities (Ljubljana is nicer n my opinion).
Bled (SL) and the rural surrounding area of mountains and lakes are incredible. Dubrovnik (HR) and many of the nearby islands are great, but I encourage you to take the ferry to/from Split versus driving over. You can easily take the train from Zagreb to Split, but the ferry or bus is the option from Split to Dubrovnik

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