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In the eighties dedícase will briefly ilustración of libros for kids and xuvenís Editorials eat Xerais Edicions and forming part of the Cumio asociación Galix .. Participates tamen en meetings with authors and illustrators rapacious in schools, organized pola Consellería of Culture.
In the eido grabado estudiou con masters eat: Omar Kessel Calcográfico Center of Havana, Julio León, director of the taller of the grabado fundación Miró de Mallorca, Antonio Cremades, Eloisa Gil, José Rincón and Anne Heyvaert.
At present ten performed Courses Master of grabado calcográfico, grabado xilográfico Masters, Master of additive techniques, the CIEC Betanzos.
In recent years combines Realización exposicións character of collective con solo exhibitions of his work. Form part of Asociaciación Artists Galicians and ARGA with this collective estivo present in fair Fine Arts held in Coruña on the Veran 2008.

Tamen en attended several meetings of painters:
Slovenija Open to art-En Slovenia xunto co painter Luis Rapela representing a España. Year 2006.
Dialogues painting and poetry. Organized polo Concello of Culleredo. 2008
Meetings coa art. Organized polo Concello and Brion. In 2008.
Dialogues painting and poetry. Concello of Culleredo 2009.
Meetings coa art. Concello of Brion 2009
At present adícase will fully creación art in his studio in Santa Cruz-potters.

Caixa Galicia-Ferrol
Modus Vivendi-Santiago
Gallery Universe Pontevedra
Gallery Jaime Wheat-Pontevedra
Gallery Carteles-Ferrol
House of Culture - Noia
Collective grabado-Hotel Atlantico
House of the libro-Vigo
Center-Nursery Comarcal
Collective Gallery Durán-Madrid
Gallery María Balteira-Santiago
Collective Gallery mc-Santiago
Gallery Bomob-A Coruña
Gallery mc-Santiago de compostela.
Exposicións 2006
Gallery i Be Truth
Gallery Coarte
Collective Gallery mc
I Collective Gallery Be Truth
Gallery kosovelov gift. sezana-Slovenia
Galerija muzej velenje-Slovenia
Galerija Idrija - Slovenia
Galerija sivceva hisa - Slovenia
Exposicións 2007.
Individual.Casa Charry-potters
Individual.Ateneo Ferrolán.
Collective Grabado-gallery CIEC Betanzos
Collective painting Ateneo Ferrolán.
Collective coruñeses painters. Gallery Aurelio Aguirre, San Amaro. A Coruña
Collective Gallery Jasper. A Coruña.
Exposicións 2008.
Collective arga "Five proposals" Santiago de Compostela.
Exposición naturaleza, winery touring.
The collective-May-arga-Santiago de Compostela.
Collective Ateneo Ferrolán - Homenaxe Juan Galdo.
VII Fair fine arts of A Coruña.
Individual gallery Aurelio Aguirre San Amaro-A Coruña.
Collective Nadal. Great Artists Small Formato.Galyarte. Santiago de Compostela.
Collective Nadal. ARGA: Santiago de Compostela
Exposicións year 2009
Collective. New Bridges. Painters Intercambio de Ferrol and Tarrasa. Cultural Center Carvallo Calero. The Ferrol
Collective. El libro y la plastic .. Room Culture Miguel de Cervantes. A Coruña
Individual.Sala of Exposicións "Xosé Rey Lake" of Muíños of Acea from Ama.O Burgo. Culleredo
Achegarte collective Kiosko Alfonso - Coruña
Feria art Galician Hotel Hesperia - Coruña
Collective gallery Aurelio Aguirre-Coruna
Galería Primera Planta - Coruña.
Exposicións 2010.
Format collective Gran Liceo de Noia.
Collective Gran format Culleredo
Nous Ponts Terrassa. Collective.
Individual Casino Atlantic A Coruña.
Collective Artencontro 2010.
Individual Casino Santiago de Compostela.
Collective Gallery 901Style Coruña
Collective ARGA
Asociación collective of artists from A Coruña




2006-06-28 16:35:25 by ribica11

Glad you liked Croatian beer. It is so cheap!
There is suitable accommodation for every budget, From 10$ for rooms and camps, all inclusive cheap socialistic monster hotels to beautiful Hilton right at the Dubrovnik walls, Esplanade in center of Zagreb or Hotel Peristil inside of historic Diocletian palace in Split (double 120 –150$).
Mostar in Bosnia should be also visited, especially during diving competition from the 28 m high bridge. They have done amazing work to restore it after war destruction.
Bled in Slovenia is gorgeous, for a day or two visits. Many private rooms and hotels are located just around the lake.

No problem

2006-02-05 19:42:31 by -

Other than travelling with a very young child, you should have no real problems. Slovenia and Croatia are great. You don't say how you plan to travel, but the trains are fine, the roads tend to be narrow with limited highways. Both capital cities are nice small cities (Ljubljana is nicer n my opinion).
Bled (SL) and the rural surrounding area of mountains and lakes are incredible. Dubrovnik (HR) and many of the nearby islands are great, but I encourage you to take the ferry to/from Split versus driving over. You can easily take the train from Zagreb to Split, but the ferry or bus is the option from Split to Dubrovnik

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Sweetest treat: Some folks swear by macaroons in Paris, but I'll take the crème cakes in Lake Bled, Slovenia; thin pastry with custard-like crème and vanilla and powdered sugar.

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  • Avatar Aoife What are all the countries in Europe?
    Jul 25, 2010 by Aoife | Posted in Other - Europe

    Also, what are some good cities and countries to hit if you were going on a European vacation? particular hotels and restaurants to go to?

    • Here is a list of all the Countries. France is known for it's food so choose Paris I have never been to Paris I would love to go. I love Switzeland and Austria for amazing scenery of Mountains and lakes. Germany would be fun for Ocktoberfest and the Munich beer festival. Vienna oh that would be such a romantic place.

  • Avatar nicholsonuk What the best things to do and see in Slovenia?
    Aug 10, 2007 by nicholsonuk | Posted in Other - Europe

    I am staying in Bled in Slovenia later this month for a week. What are the best things to see and do? Any restaurants that are a 'must'? (I will have a Hire car.)

    • Slovenia may be small, but its compact nature is perfect for visitors as it saves your time! You can be in the Alps, as you chose Bled, the real lake-pearl of this region, then you can go down to Ljubljana, the capital, w …Golf hotels, the Park Café and the Rikli Restaurant & Pizzeria.

      My favourite restaurant is the Lake House Inn on the Golf Course, you can't miss it. Almost forgot: a must: Gold pralines, home-made, too.