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Posted on May 13, 2014 – 12:26 pm
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Born in 1947 in Villach, at the western end of Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia, the southernmost region of Austria, bordering Italy and Slovenia, which was the birthplace of Robert Musil, Ingeborg Bachmann, Josef Winkler and Gert Jonke Werner Kofler published, first review in 1963.

Author to date fifteen stories, radio plays and a play, it is one of the major voices in contemporary literature of his country, where his taste for invective and curse it is considered to be the heir of Thomas Bernhard. Instrument of investigation of a collective memory and personal time, his fragmentary writing sometimes close bonding is a mirror held up to contemporary society, Austria, microcosm focusing errors of 'modernity'. In line with Viennese polemicists like Karl Kraus, it is equally critical to the language as that of the company that engaged his stories.

Werner Kofler won numerous literary awards, including the award Elias Canetti and price-Arno Schmidt. Autumn, freedom is his first work to be published in French. Bernard Banoun the translator had previously issued Conjectures on the Queen of the Night in New French Review (No. 539, 1997). Among the major works Kofler include its "alpine trilogy" consisting of Behind my office (1988), Hotel Clair Crime (1989) and The Shepherd on the Rock (1991).

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