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Friday, May 24, 2013 Dear, on Tuesday I could not post. I apologized on facebook Scho Schee and I think it fair to ask here too. Schatz travel and I arrived early on Tuesday, which made ​​it impossible to post on the travel blog. I had two hundred things to do and was veeery tired. Well, apology accepted (tomara!), it's time to take the mystery: we went to Slovenia! In fact, combined with some friends we met in Croatia, Saturday, July 18 - better known as "My Niver" - but Schatz and I decided to know before traveling to Slovenia. We got a hotel in the nearest town of Umag - city in Croatia where can we find our friends. Before you begin, it looks funny: when commenting on the trip with my parents, they told me that Gloria Maria had a story in a wonderful city and it was close to that would be, it would be worth taking a esticadinha because the place was too beautiful. I have been searching and Glorinha had gone to a town that houses the only natural island in the country and is considered the most beautiful island in the world! I continued reading the article (I read it first and then see the video) without any pretension and guess what? It was the same city! What a sweet coincidence, no? Schatz and I spent lovely days in Bled. Ah, who want to see the raw video and Maria da Gloria, click here !

Each plaque has a stretch of the prayer "Our Father" and gives back the whole Church! On top of each plaque has an image illustrating the stretch described. Very different, right?

When we arrived, we went straight to the hotel, we left our luggage and went to see the island. Unfortunately, the day was rainy and overcast. The good news is that the next day the sun decided to show up and beautify the pictures:

In the next post I will talk about the castle on the mountain top (wonderful!) and the island! Oh, just one way to reach the island: with this boat called pletna. It takes about 20/25 minutes each snippet (paddling is a guy, huh, folks?! If you think correctly, until he makes fast path).



2006-06-28 16:35:25 by ribica11

Glad you liked Croatian beer. It is so cheap!
There is suitable accommodation for every budget, From 10$ for rooms and camps, all inclusive cheap socialistic monster hotels to beautiful Hilton right at the Dubrovnik walls, Esplanade in center of Zagreb or Hotel Peristil inside of historic Diocletian palace in Split (double 120 –150$).
Mostar in Bosnia should be also visited, especially during diving competition from the 28 m high bridge. They have done amazing work to restore it after war destruction.
Bled in Slovenia is gorgeous, for a day or two visits. Many private rooms and hotels are located just around the lake.

No problem

2006-02-05 19:42:31 by -

Other than travelling with a very young child, you should have no real problems. Slovenia and Croatia are great. You don't say how you plan to travel, but the trains are fine, the roads tend to be narrow with limited highways. Both capital cities are nice small cities (Ljubljana is nicer n my opinion).
Bled (SL) and the rural surrounding area of mountains and lakes are incredible. Dubrovnik (HR) and many of the nearby islands are great, but I encourage you to take the ferry to/from Split versus driving over. You can easily take the train from Zagreb to Split, but the ferry or bus is the option from Split to Dubrovnik

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