Alentejo has a new three star hotel in Aljustrel

Posted on February 6, 2014 – 03:25 pm
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Alentejo has a new three star hotel in Aljustrel

By Carla B. Brook

Aljustrel now has a new three-star hotel, including the restaurant Wire d'Olive, dedicated to gastronomy. Opening to the public on romantic date, on Valentine's Day, is the official opening April 25.

The Hotel Villa Aljustrel with three star rating, opens on February 14 with guarantee, "charms and crannies" in a building of four floors, "modern lines and contemporary", designed by architect Carlos Ganhão.

Despite all the modernity, the unit makes a point of, in their presentation notes, stating that the building stands out "the harmony" and be inspired by the fact that the "panoramic landscape on the Alentejo plains."

The 33 rooms at the Villa Aljustrel who "share the simplicity and modern design lines that define the hotel, " are "spacious", with large beds that "provide comfort" and which can even "a glimpse of the sunset in Alentejo plains. "

But not only sleep or the beautiful scenery Villa live Aljustrel. The hotel, which will also include maintenance gym (with sauna and Turkish bath included), will have another great attraction and potentially tasty Alentejo: your restaurant, dubbed Wireless d'Olive, promises to combine the best flavors refinement of traditional Portuguese cuisine and , plus a dining room offers a patio for summer dining.

The cherry on top: a bar, right on the top floor of the hotel with beautiful panoramic views guaranteed.

Notes also the central location and the fact that it has free parking, with capacity for 80 cars, a few meters from the hotel, a project promoted by the Group Alentrel which involved an investment of 1.8 million euros.

But, in the near future, Aljustrel still give you another great leap tourist: awaiting the opening of the five-star Prestige Hotel & Spa , designed for leisure and well-being and also for conference tourism.

The beginning of the year has been prodigious in new hotel projects in Alentejo, including the opening of the four-star Philip Monte , in the municipality of Nisa, and the five-star Alentejo Marmoris in Estremoz.


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